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Seven Simple Rules for Skin Care

What do you usually pay attention at when looking at a woman for the first time? Of course her  face. Face is our calling card. It’s always nice and pleasant to look at the woman with a clean, soft and healthy skin, isn’t it? But how can we achieve this look? Indeed, ecology, finance, and sometimes ignorance of basic rules of skin care - are the criteria which stand on the path to your skin improvement.

Rule 1: Wash it right
Love and respect the skin on your face. Do not use tap water. It is very rigid and with a high content of chlorine. You can wash  your face with distilled, purified, soft  or at least boiled water.

Rule 2. Clean it right
Your face should be  always clean. During the day it collects all sorts of dirt and dust. Certainly in the morning and  in the evening you should use special skincare products for face washing.  Remember to completely  remove your makeup, otherwise your skin will be in a terrible shape: with constant acnes, pimples and redness. This procedure should be done via tonics and/or lotions that do not contain  any alcohol. Since they have to be in use every day, carefully read the ingerdients: it has to be gentle! Also, while  removing makeup residues, do not rub your  face with a cotton swab. Do it carefully.

Rule 3. Cure it from the inside
Any skin problems arise from the inside. Unbalanced diet, poor environment, polluted air, stress - all these factors affect your skin. Obviously for certain reasons we  cannot change the situation dramatically, but we can  definately  correct it. Vitamins is the way to a healthier body and, consequently, improved skin condition. To make skin healthier and more supple, vitamin E and minerals (copper, magnesium, zinc) will help.

 Rule 4. Saturate and nourish
Along with cleansing and treating from the inside, you can nourish your skin by all sorts of masks. Moisturizing, peeling, soothing, relaxing, oxygen masks - choose any depending on your skin type. Also, do not despise the scrub as it removes the dead skin cells from your face and renews it.

Rule 5. Get rid of the eye circles
Pay attention to the circles under your eyes, which arise from a lack of sleep and long work in front  of the computer. To refresh the skin around your eyes, the moisturizing gels are  working great. After the application  you will feel the effect of lifting, and see lack of puffiness and edema.

Rule 6. Hydrate
 Minimum five days a week in the office  cannot improve the quality of your facial skin in any way. Dry air,  working air conditioners and dust from the office papers - all of these create a negative impact. What is there to help? Sprinkle your face with  the thermal water during the day. It creates a sense of freshness and comfort, and  used to enhance the protective functions of our skin as well as   getting rid of  a skin irritation.

Rule 7. Do not Save
You should always remember that “a miser pays twice”! Do not save on your face. This involves makeup as well. It is better to buy one beauty product that isn’t going to damage and harm the skin  and pay a little extra$$$, then use products that don't work at all. What kind of pleasure do you get from using cheap and low quality cosmetics? The eye shadows are crumbling, the lashes are glued together and powder is rolled. As a result, you get no beauty, and plenty of harm. If you switch over to the “lux” makeup class, then soon the difference will be absolutely obvious.
These rules are quite simple. The main thing is not to forget about these and not to be lazy. After all, it’s much harder to fix the shortcomings that are already neglected than to prevent them now. Velvet cheeks and a dazzling smile - now you're all right!

Recipe for Skin Care during Winter

Winter is not in a hurry, it takes its time to cover everything around with a white fluffy veil.
Winter, like an artist, decorates the frost  on our windows with inimitable, amazingly beautiful ornaments.
The snow and the cold make up the unpredictable winter weather.

It’s tremendously charming when the white mossy snowflakes are circling in the dance and falling slowly on the ground for a final curtsey… Every morning is a new surprise because you don't know what the weather will be like.
However, despite that winter brings its inconvenience to our skin because of the cold, wind and dry air in apartments and offices, it also damages the delicate sensitive skin which contacts with scarves, high collars and winter hats during the cold season.

In cold weather it happens that oily skin verges close to normal, and normal skin becomes dry, when dry skin becomes too sensitive and irritated.
In winter, do not wash face with soap nor use any lotions that contain alcohol , otherwise it causes additional dryness, tightening and flaking of your skin.Experts often recommend washing  your face with milk or cream.

The most popular cosmetology advises is  to start your morning beauty procedure with washing the face with a weak brew of green tea or decoction of chamomile. If you want to have a tanned skin, a weak brew of black tea, but without any additives. It will work just perfect.
It is recommended to apply a nourishing cream in the morning  20-30 minutes before going outside, but a moisturizer is to be  used at night.
In order to look good and do not grow ugly by spring, make the following  masks twice a week. 

  • Vitaminizing and moisturizing. 1 kiwi peeled, mash with a fork until you get a very soft consistency and texture. Add yogurt and a little potato starchjust to obtain consistency of sour cream. Spread on the face, neck and décolleté area for 20 minutes.Wash off with a warm parsley decoction or green tea brew. Apply a moisturizing cream. 
  •  Rejuvenating mask with wheat germ. Steep wheat in a cloth, wait until the hatch shoots about 1-2mm. Grind, add the warm cream to reach a pulp consistence, then apply it on face and neck for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water, and then wash with cool water or sparkling water without gas.
  • To rejuvenate and make the skin bright. Peel and grate a small juicy carrot, add 1 Tbsp of soft quark and 1-2 tsp of heavy cream. Apply the mass on your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with a warm water and apply a nourishing cream.
  •  Rejuvenating and nourishing mask. 1 Tbsp honey diluted with warm cream. By using a brush, apply the mixture very gently and evenly on the face, neck and chest for 20 minutes. Wash it off with a chamomile decoction or a  warm water. Wipe the face with a piece of ice from the broth of parsley, if do not have such, an ordinary piece of ice will be fine. Then use a moisturizing cream. This mask also helps to get rid of wrinkles and  tightening.
  • For very dry skin. 1 Tbsp lime blossom (available at pharmacies) make ½ cup boiling water and infuse for 2 hours. Strain, take the 1 Tbsp infusion, add 1 Tbsp butter without natural herbal supplements, mix well and apply on face for 20 – 25 min. Afterwards, remove the remnants of fat with a cloth.
  • Potato Mask. Get a flat, smooth potato tuber. Cook potatoes with skin ,  then peel hot, turn quickly into a puree; add 1-2 Tbsp sour cream and apply this mixture on face and neck. Cover with a towel.  20-25 minutes after,  rinse with a warm water.


How to Wake Up Beautiful?

While we’re asleep, our skin cells are still active and working hard in trying to recover from all  destruction caused during the day.  Though if you  using a night cream, this process will accelerate.
Here are some night tips that will dramatically benefit your morning appearance:

1. Find some time for sleep
The main rule of all the beauties isto sleep. The earlier you go to bed, the better it is for your body. From the evening until 4am, the   maximum of melatonin is being  produced in your skin. Melatonin is an active fighter against stress and free radicals. The sooner it intrudes on the shift, the better for the skin. Sophia Loren has been living with this idea  for a long time and even in her 71 she is full of  woman's attractiveness and magnetism. The actress goes to bed each day not later than 9 p.m.

2. Solve your skin problems
If you have skin problems, spend the night doing some kind of a ritual, f.ex apply a remedy for acne on your clean skin, and then put  moisturizer all over your face.

3. Make a mask
Make a mask before a bedtime and the next morning you face skin will definitely look good. Especially good are cleansing masks, lifting masks and eye skin edema masks; due to its abilities to stimulate circulation and eliminate fluid excess from your body.

4. Relax
Take a warming bath with sea salt or seaweed extracts before going to bed. It will help to bring the accumulated daily toxins and start the process of fat reduction. By the way, after having a bath, it's just the right time to apply the anti-cellulite products. Active ingredients that are found in night creams for slimming, stimulate the production of lipase - the enzyme responsible for lipolysis.

5. Pick a night cream
In case of a skin care, a moisturizer is an excellent option . Moisture fills the cells, and strengthens them, smoothes wrinkles and improves the skin tone. But at the same time, the day time moisturizer, even a very good one,  should not be used at night. Day Cream -protects,Night cream- recovers.

Do Not:
Apply a night cream with a thick layer. The rule of  “more is better” is not suitable to  night creams. The dense texture becomes a mask, therefore your skin can’t breathe, and thermoregulation is disturbed. For comparison, imagine a greenhouse, where humidity and heat have no possible way to escape.
Massage the abdomen in a circular motion clockwise - it helps digestion, and, therefore, clears the skin.

Always Yours,

Night Beauty Secrets

The Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote the poem, where a firefly didn’t know what happens when stars fade. George Gordon Byron was more fortunate saying “Night shows stars and women in a better light”. And that makes sense nowadays. "In 2010, the number of evening means on the cosmetics market grew by 40%, while women spent about $ 56 million for night skin care. That is twice overruns the amount of money spent on the day care products and  makeup" - said the director of the International Skincare Marketing L'Oreal Paris, Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglu.

The peak activity of the cell renewal takes place from 11 pm to 4 am, and  works only if you are asleep! If you apply cream at night and sit in front of a laptop or watching TV afterwards, there will be no result. "During the night time vigil  forms a hormone called Cortisol (hydrocortisone), which destroys the skin cells. When having 7-8 hours of sleep needed, the organism produces a hormone of growth, which, by contrast, improves the skin "- explains the dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone.”People, who sleep seven hours every day, have the highest life expectancy. It is proved that the death rate increases for those who sleep more than eight or less than six hours a day "- says Marie-Anne Brie, director of scientific development company ILC-France. "Sleep consists of alternating fast and slow phases and intermediate stage. All of the recovery processes occur during rapid eye movement sleep, "- adds Eric Perrier, research director of LVMH Recherche Parfums & Cosmétiques.

According to dermatologist Annie Cohen-Letese, at 1 a.m.your cells are eight times more active, and  renewing to a total of 60%. Most vascular circulation is observed between 11 pm and 4:00 am. Around the same time occurs the maximum absorption of nutrients from cosmetics. This is the time for “larks”.

To  get maximum benefits to your skin during night time, you will need:
1. Water treatment
Twenty minutes in a warm bath or ten minutes in a shower - is enough for steam at a high temperature open skin pores and remove the dirt. “Then  apply bigger portion of a night cream on your face than you do  in the morning. 

2. Sex or Yoga
Better if there are both. Doing yoga helps you practice breathing. Sit on the floor, cross your legs, straighten your back and  relax. Close your eyes, inhale deeply and slowly through your nose. Exhale, trying to free the lungs.

During sex  your body actively produces useful hormones like estrogen (provides hair shine and skin elasticity), oxytocin (involved in the synthesis of endorphins - the antidepressant, efficacy of which is 10 times higher than that of Prozac). One passionate sexual intercourse burns off from 200 to 600 calories which is equal to 15 minutes on the treadmill, forty-minute of jog in the fresh air, or 15 minutes of intense exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles.

3. Pillow fights
"If you spend a night lying on your stomach, then you wake up in the morning with an inevitably puffy face and bags under eyes. This situation leads to disruption of the body heat and perspiration, also it causes wrinkles "- says Heidi Waldorf, a dermatologist from New York City. The most optimal position is  to be laying on the back or right side. If you find sleeping on your back uncomfortable, put another pillow under your knees. Still doesn’t work? Then try to sleep on your right side, using pillows with natural fillers and satin or silk pillow cases. The mattress should be flat and rigid in order to help you take a right posture and avoid circulatory disorders. Don’t forget to change  your mattress  every seven years!

4. Skin care
The effect  of night creams and masks is dramatically  increasedduring the night time, because your body doesn’t have to compete with the sun, street dust and decorative cosmetics. "For example, retinoids which are responsible for regeneration of the skin cells, get destroyed by ultraviolet light, - says Tom Mammone, the executive director of research at Clinique - and vitamins C, E, H may bring more good if they penetrate into the skin several hours before a bedtime." Cleansing the face before going to bed is a matter of a prime necessity. "Avoid soaps in order not to dry up the skin. Soap is a cleaner, not a facial cleanser! In a way it's better not to wash the  face at all than to do it with a soap, "- said Veronique Delvin, the director of scientific development Lancôme.

“To ensure a normal level of skin moisture, there will be more than only cosmetics needed - says Sheldon Pinnell, the professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California. – try to drink water (about 6-8 glasses a day)  and  consume  foods with a high amount of omega-3 (fish, nuts). At night, turn on the bedroom humidifier.  I used it once to get rid of the dryness in my throat, but then I realized that my skin has never looked better. Just do not forget to clean the humidifier regularly, especially if you are allergic. “Pay attention to the serum: they have a high ability to penetrate, and at night their effectiveness is only growing. The Vichy scientists believe consider night to be the most favorable period for getting rid of inflammation. Do not forget about  feet and hand care  products (the kits, which include gloves and socks, are especially recommended) as well as for the hair. Before going to sleep use a few minutes to brush your hair with a natural bristle brush to stimulate circulation in the scalp and hair follicles.

Always Yours,