Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seven Simple Rules for Skin Care

What do you usually pay attention at when looking at a woman for the first time? Of course her  face. Face is our calling card. It’s always nice and pleasant to look at the woman with a clean, soft and healthy skin, isn’t it? But how can we achieve this look? Indeed, ecology, finance, and sometimes ignorance of basic rules of skin care - are the criteria which stand on the path to your skin improvement.

Rule 1: Wash it right
Love and respect the skin on your face. Do not use tap water. It is very rigid and with a high content of chlorine. You can wash  your face with distilled, purified, soft  or at least boiled water.

Rule 2. Clean it right
Your face should be  always clean. During the day it collects all sorts of dirt and dust. Certainly in the morning and  in the evening you should use special skincare products for face washing.  Remember to completely  remove your makeup, otherwise your skin will be in a terrible shape: with constant acnes, pimples and redness. This procedure should be done via tonics and/or lotions that do not contain  any alcohol. Since they have to be in use every day, carefully read the ingerdients: it has to be gentle! Also, while  removing makeup residues, do not rub your  face with a cotton swab. Do it carefully.

Rule 3. Cure it from the inside
Any skin problems arise from the inside. Unbalanced diet, poor environment, polluted air, stress - all these factors affect your skin. Obviously for certain reasons we  cannot change the situation dramatically, but we can  definately  correct it. Vitamins is the way to a healthier body and, consequently, improved skin condition. To make skin healthier and more supple, vitamin E and minerals (copper, magnesium, zinc) will help.

 Rule 4. Saturate and nourish
Along with cleansing and treating from the inside, you can nourish your skin by all sorts of masks. Moisturizing, peeling, soothing, relaxing, oxygen masks - choose any depending on your skin type. Also, do not despise the scrub as it removes the dead skin cells from your face and renews it.

Rule 5. Get rid of the eye circles
Pay attention to the circles under your eyes, which arise from a lack of sleep and long work in front  of the computer. To refresh the skin around your eyes, the moisturizing gels are  working great. After the application  you will feel the effect of lifting, and see lack of puffiness and edema.

Rule 6. Hydrate
 Minimum five days a week in the office  cannot improve the quality of your facial skin in any way. Dry air,  working air conditioners and dust from the office papers - all of these create a negative impact. What is there to help? Sprinkle your face with  the thermal water during the day. It creates a sense of freshness and comfort, and  used to enhance the protective functions of our skin as well as   getting rid of  a skin irritation.

Rule 7. Do not Save
You should always remember that “a miser pays twice”! Do not save on your face. This involves makeup as well. It is better to buy one beauty product that isn’t going to damage and harm the skin  and pay a little extra$$$, then use products that don't work at all. What kind of pleasure do you get from using cheap and low quality cosmetics? The eye shadows are crumbling, the lashes are glued together and powder is rolled. As a result, you get no beauty, and plenty of harm. If you switch over to the “lux” makeup class, then soon the difference will be absolutely obvious.
These rules are quite simple. The main thing is not to forget about these and not to be lazy. After all, it’s much harder to fix the shortcomings that are already neglected than to prevent them now. Velvet cheeks and a dazzling smile - now you're all right!

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