Monday, October 24, 2011

Rusinka with Love

I would probably never start writing this blog, if in my blond head didn’t occur the idea, to grow beautiful and healthy long hair as well as in one year make myself more beautiful and just fabulous. Well, I started to experiment with all kinds of beauty products for about a year as of now … I was talking to all my girlfriends and any new female acquaintances about hair care, face care, body beauty...all methods and products... I found it quite exciting and interesting, in addition to wonderful results I have already achieved.
One windy late October morning I woke up with a thought: “It’s very easy to ruin natural youth and beauty we are given, and it is extremely hard to get it back". So why to even get to the point of battle? It's much easier to be ready, but try to prevent. 
As any woman, I don't want to get old; I don't want to look old. Well known fact, that man are like a cognac, getting better within years ... which, unfortunately, not same about women. Pleasantly, I was not alone going this direction. Since, one head is good, but two are much better. Luckily, whoever I talked to and shared my experiences with had the same goal as mine: Stay Fabulous!
 Of course, we all have different types of hair, different skin and body structures, but we all have one thing in common, we are all want the same result : to be Gorgeous.
 That’s how my adventure in the world of beauty started. I created a small group of experimenters, where we would share and write of all our results, ups and downs day after day.  Now, with the Holiday season on its way, I’ve decided to do well for all of you girlfriends, and share everything that I’ve learned so far about hair, skin and beauty in general. Most importantly, Love yourself... that is where your success starts, and as old saying goes: “People always judge you at first by the way you look... and then, they decide whether they want to find out about your inner beauty”
Just a short intro of myself:  I am almost 30 (OMG)... I am loving mother, woman who is in love, have a little bitterness in my personality stubborn and extremely success oriented. I am divorced, but I have never regretted about it. I am thankful for everything and everyone I have in my life. Two principles that helping me to keep going are:”to never give up” and to always laugh at myself.
P.S. Oh yeah, and please accept my apologies for writing with an Eastern European accent… That is something I will never get rid of, besides I don’t want to)))

Welcome my Dear,
Rusinka with Love

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