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Hair Rules or How To Make Hair Beautiful

Do you know that a woman’s beauty is not only in her shape, eyes, smile, posture or soul, but also in her hair? The Level of a woman’s attractiveness is defined by the beauty of her hair by almost 80%.  Very often, we wake up in the morning , start getting ready for work, by putting make-up on our face  and completely forget about our hair… that’s a shame, since our hair is in constant need of proper care as well. To figure out whether your hair is healthy and beautiful is easily fount by doing a small test at home.
There are 6 rules of how to make your hair beautiful. Before washing your hair, pull a small lock of hair on a vertex or temples. If in your arm remains more than 10-15 hairs then, you have a hair fall problem. There are many reasons that can correspond with your hair loss. If this is the case with your hair, it is best to consult an expert who can determine the problem and select the proper hair care treatment product.
The following rules are very effective and easy to adhere to:
1st rule.
In 2 hours before washing your hair, rinse your hair with a mixture of 2 freshly squeezed carrot juice and 1 lemon. This procedure will help your hair to grow faster. Also consume raisins, walnuts, and dried apricots daily, as these particular foods are very rich in vitamins.
If you believe in homemade masks and recipes then keep reading ladies… If you desire your hair to be vibrant, healthy looking and grow faster, here is the mask: Mix 10 table spoons of beer with 2 tablespoons of honey. Rub it in the roots of your hair 10-15 minutes before shampooing. Do it for a month, and you will be amazed.
2nd rule.Once a week, put jojoba oil on your hair, and wear it under a shower cap for as long as you can. This oil will make sure that your hair will receive the necessary humidification, and provide a wonderful shine to your hair.
 3rd rule.
In order to strengthen your roots and get rid of dandruff, rinse your hair with infusion from green tea.
4th rule.If you have a split ends this mask will definitely help you. Mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 1 teaspoon of the cod-liver oil. Warm up this admixture in your bath water, then split your hair into locks, carefully rub this mixture with your finger-tips into your scalp.  Put on a shower cap and a towel on top of it and wear it for about 15 minutes. Shampoo your hair after.
5th rule.If you have oily hair, the following mask will work for you:   mix 1 egg yolk with two teaspoons of cognac. Rub the prepared admixture in roots of hair at once, put on a shower cap and a warm towel. In about 20 minutes rinse this mask off with warm water.
6th rule.
For healthy and beautiful looking hair, make sure to massage your head at least twice a week. That will strengthen your hair, improve blood circulation and your hair will grow faster.
Remember: Don't feel sorry for time that you will spend on your hair care. Believe me your hair will appreciate it and become flawlessly beautiful.
THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE is to be able to rejoice each day of your life and have strong hope and believe for the best. Your benevolent attitude towards people and good mood will fulfill you with power, will prolong youth and beauty, and will protect you from any negativity.
With Love,

7 Myths About Your Hair

Myth 1. Proper Diet is a foundation of healthy and beautiful hair.
Certainly, vitamins, mineral substances, fibers and poly-non-saturated fat acids which arrive in our organism together with nutrition, positively influence our appearance. But the biggest portion of all useful substances goes naturally to the maintenance of the major internal organs. Therefore, quite often they don’t reach our hair. To compensate this deficiency, you have to support and feed your hair externally with various conditioners, masks, ampoules, thermo-protection and other cosmetic products. These products protect your hair from negative external influences, in particular: UV-radiation, which can’t be provided even in the most healthy food groups.
Myth 2. Frequent shampooing harms your hair.
Wash your hair on demand. If your hair requires shampooing 5 times a week, select the proper shampoo for everyday use. Those shampoos do not contain any aggressive cleaning substances and won't dry up your hair.

Myth 3. The conditioner can replace hair mask and vice versa.
This statement is absolutely false. These products have a totally different function for your hair. The conditioner has been used in order to make hair obedient, to facilitate combing and to hydrate slightly. The mask is a much more intensive hair treatment product, due to the high number of active components that are capable of treating and assisting your hair with serious problems (for example dryness and fragility). Basically, if your hair is healthy, the conditioner will be enough; however, using a mask will never damage it. Hair that has been subjected to a perm, UV-rays, coloring, is definitely more prone to an intensive, more powerful care, like masks and ampoules.
Myth 4. If you trim your hair it will grow faster.
 Haircuts do not, in any way, influence the rate of your hair growth. This parameter is defined exclusively by your individual genes. However keep in mind that the rate of growth may be slowed by some forms of skin disease, or shortages of nutrients to your hair follicles.
Myth 5. Over time, you hair becomes accustomed to the use of the same hair care products, and after a while, becomes ineffective… that is why you have to change your hair care products once in a while.
 This is also incorrect. If a shampoo or mask works for your hair, use them as long as you like without being afraid of any loss of effectiveness.  On the other hand, if you permed your hair or had been very stressed out for an extended period of time, you might need a stronger hair product than you were used to, (or stronger than the one you were used to) because your hair condition has been changed.
Myth 6. Modern Blow- dryers are absolutely harmless.
Yes, if you use them sparingly. Unfortunately, the majority of us, due to the lack of time, have to Blow-dry on a high power regimen almost every day.  High temperatures always dry up your hair, making it rigid and dull. So thermo-protection products can act as your hair protection.
Myth 7. Men hair products do not work for women and vice versa.
Male and Female hair products only differ from each other through smell and design of the bottle.
Both contain the same amino acids, useful vegetative extracts, and the same vitamins and other ingredients.The important thing is not in choosing between a man’s or woman’s hair product, but to ensure that the selected product will be the most effective one for your hair type, in order to improve its structure and health.  If a woman likes the smell of her husband’s shampoo, no one will forbid her from using it.  But if his shampoo is for a dry hair and her hair is oily, it is better not to experiment.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Head Massage For the Benefit of Your Hair.

... Or How to massage your head to stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair.

A beautiful face and a slender figure are not all of the components to female beauty. Hair is always an important factor of beauty for a real woman: If you were to survey several men, the overwhelming majority of them will tell that the sexual appeal of a woman is inseparably linked in their minds to beautiful and healthy hair. AND, the longer the hair, the better.

Hair loss is a very unpleasant problem for many women these days, and young ladies unfortunately, are not an exception.  Even if hair loss is not that noticeable, almost everyone faces dull, thinning and slow growing hair.
The market offers a great variety of hair treating products, and you definitely need to try those that most suitable and effectively work with your specific symptoms. However, it is important to remember that the head massage is an old, well tested method of stimulating hair growth.
In tandem with other means and methods, a head massage helps to create some amazing improvements to the tone of your scalp, stimulates blood supply to your hair follicles, and assists the hair in acquiring essential nutrients and treatments from the blood. Besides, head massage helps to get rid of dandruff and other scalp diseases, returns hair density and shine, gives it strength and stimulates faster hair growth. If you massage your hair roots everyday, you will see the benefits.
It is very easy to learn how to do massage at home, and the results are quick.

One of the easiest methods of massage is to use natural organic materials. At first you have to comb your hair for a few minutes from your temples to the vertex, and then from temples to the forehead and a nape – with stroking, circular, motions; then change combing movements to a zigzag pattern.

Massaging the head with essential oils stimulates hair growth as well.  Just test these oils on your scalp first and make sure that your skin does not have a negative reaction.  For stimulating your hair growth, just take one drop of black pepper or rosemary oil and rub it in your hair in circular motions from top down. Also apply one drop at the nape basis, then massage scalp upwards to the vertex, and then to the forehead. When you are finished with the massage, you will feel an easy tingling on your head.
Pressing massage of the head for growth and strengthening of hair
Pressing massage of the head is great since it is easy to do wherever you are: while you walking, at work, etc. First, press your right palm to the right side of your head and keep pressing for 5-10 seconds. Then repeat the same with left side, forehead, and nape. Blood flow to a head will be amplified, and therefore feeding your roots, and improving the growth rate.

Try to massage your head for a few days. You will quickly feel that your overall health and mood improve, and in a short few weeks, you will notice that your hair will become stronger and return to a shinier state. Generally, to notice visible hair growth, you will have to do this for at least 2 months.

Essential Oils For Your Hair

Do you want to have beautiful hair?  

Masks are the most effective means of protection and care for your hair. They protect your hair from negative environmental factors, adding shine and silkiness to your hair. I personally prefer homemade masks, and of course, the mask type will always depend on your hair type:

Mask for the weakened and dull hair:
• Basil oil – 1 drop,
• Oil ylang-ylang – 2 drops,
• Rosemary oil – 1 drop,
• Oil of black pepper - 1 drop,
• An egg yolk - 2.
• Honey – 1 tea spoon
Carefully mix oils, yolks and honey to a homogeneous consistency. Apply the mask on your hair, put a shower cap and wrap your head with a warm towel. Wash it off in 30 minutes.

Mask with strengthening effect for the oily hair:
• Oil jojoba – 10 ml,
• Grape oil – 20 ml,
• Rosemary oil – 2 drops,
• birch oil – 1 drop,
• Acorns oil – 2 drops.
Mix oils and apply to your rots. Wear for an hour on your head covered with a plastic shower cap and a warm towel.

Mask from dandruff:
• Warm oil of a coco – 50 ml,
• Oil of a tea tree – 25 drops,
• Lemon сорго oil – 5 drops.
Admix ingredients, rub in roots and wash off in 40 minutes.

Mask for the hair damaged by a Coloring:
• Coco oil – 10 ml,
• Lemon oil - drops,
• Oil ylang-ylang – 3 drops.
Mix oils, and leave on your hair for an hour. For best results, rinse your hair with the water mixed with a few drops of lemon juice.

Mask from hair loss/ very effective:
• The warmed-up olive oil – 50 ml,
• Lavender oil –10 drops.
Mix oils, apply on your hair and wash off in an hour.

I thought that would be interesting,

You Should Know Your Type of Hair for the Proper Care

In order to properly care for your hair, it is very important to accurately diagnose your hair type.  Your type of hair would determine the amount of sebum on your scalp. Usually, normal hair will have a moderate amount of sebum, oily hair — extra sebum, dry hair — low sebum level. These sebum levels are what make it so important to select hair care products appropriate for your hair type.
Normal hair, if healthy, is easier to care for. The main characteristics for this type of hair are: dense, elastic, thick, straight or slightly wavy hair, and without dandruff or an itchy scalp. Natural hair loss doesn’t exceed 50 hairs per day. Normal hair doesn’t stick together in a lock, does not become fragile, and is easy to style. Normal shampooing is upon demand, but mostly once a week. As for the selection of a shampoo, that’s an easy one: Shampoos for all hair types will be suitable for normal hair.
Dry hair is more thin and sensitive to atmospheric influences, chemical and cosmetic products. Lowered sebum levels strip hair of its shine and elasticity, making it dim and extremely fragile. Dandruff is more common with this hair type. This type of hair is usually considered unhealthy, and requires care and treatments. Most of the time, dryness of the scalp and hair is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A, and an unbalance of nervous and endocrine regulation. Dry hair demands especially careful care. You should not wash it more often than once every ten days.  People suffering with dry hair should have a diet rich in vitamin A (Butter, milk, eggs, cod liver, fish-oil, fruits, and vegetables, persimmon, oranges, carrots, pumpkin, and cabbage of all kinds). Good rest and a balanced diet are a must. You have to protect your hair from coloring, leaching, perms, and the UV rays of the sun – it is far better to wear a hat when exposed to sun!
Oily hair, on the contrary, is thicker and more elastic, than normal hair. It absorbs less water, has a sebaceous shine, and may stick together in locks. Excess oil is built up on the skin in the form of flakes, or a yellow-colored crust, causing an itchy sensation and an unpleasant look. Clearly, oily hair needs special attention and special hair care products. You have to wash your hair on demand, usually every two days.  Oily hair requires a special diet full of vitamins and minerals.  The quantity of fat intake must be reduced.  It is not recommended to consume canned food, salty, or spicy dishes. An active style of life, IE: sports, walks, and other activities that assist in the normalizing of your metabolism are also recommended.

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Properly?

Our hair is symbol of our health and beauty. Just by looking at our hair, it is easy to determine how well we feel. Very often, we spoil our appearance with the negligent use of hair irons, blow dryers, and colorings.  For example, incorrectly dried up hair can become fragile, with split ends, and a loss of shine and silkiness. Can this be avoided? Of course … And today, we will learn how to properly blow dry your hair.
This may or may not be obvious, but the best way to dry your hair is to let it dry naturally (Well, at least 80 % of your hair). At this stage of dryness, a blow dryer will let you style your hair naturally.  On the contrary, styling your hair with a blow dryer while it is completely wet, will not last long.  If using a blow dryer is absolutely necessary, try to do it carefully, without over drying your hair or the skin on your head. Try to direct a stream of a hot air to the length of your hair, rather than the roots.
While your hair is wet, try to apply thermo protective styling mousse or gel. That will help to protect your hair from the negative effects of a blow dryer, and at the same time, leave your hair healthy and silky. These thermo products get deep in to the structure of hair, providing hair nourishment and preventing fragility.


Why Does Our Hair Grow So Slowly?

 A deficiency of nutrients and a retardation of blood circulation at the scalp are the main causing factors to a passive phase in our hair. Hair grows slowly if our body doesn’t supply our head with enough nutrients. While this lack of nutrients exists, so does the stage where our hair follicles are at rest.  Without these vital nutrients, our hair follicles remain in a “passive mode.” Once the follicles begin to receive enough of those necessary and vital nutrients, they become stimulated, they “wake up,” and the hair begins to grow again.
For a more healthy hair growing process, it is necessary for your scalp to receive up to 20 micro-elements (like magnesium, calcium iodine, iron, zinc, sulfur, etc.) each day. Taking daily supplements and vitamins is the most effective way to provide your hair with these nutrients. The vitamins, if used regularly, deliver various additives and useful substances from the blood to all thirsting areas of the scalp. However, when the capillaries in your scalp are constricted, your hair follicles, despite a rich ration of vitamins in your blood stream, are still "fasting".  Even still, this problem is easily overcome, and we can still return our hair to that healthy length and look that we desire. 
For a hundreds of years, our mothers, grand mothers, and great grandmothers were applying herbal masks and conditioners to their hair. I sincerely believe that traditional medicines, and those secret hair recipes from our grannies, combine for the best and most effective methods for achieving healthy hair. Typically, a mask should be applied to your hair around two times a week, in addition to any oil products you may use. Oil therapies are my favorite! It’s a proven fact, that oils contain a considerable quantity of fat acids, helping to refresh your scalp and quickly normalize the condition of hair roots. The application of oil strengthens hair follicles, stops hair loss, and stimulates hair growth.  
There are several known methods for stimulating blood circulation in the scalp:
- Massage.  A proffesional head massage will improve circulation, stimulate hair follicles, and accelerate blood flow. A quick head massage lasting about 5-10 minues a day may work well for you and your hair.
- Yoga promotes the best flow of blood to head and hair follicles, which results in quicker restoration of hair nutrients.
  On top of everything said here, just remember: Take care of yourself! You are number one! Try to avoid stress and negative emotions, as they badly affect your soul and body, not to mention, they can also spoil your appearance and hair beauty. Just remember the consequences of stress on you and its effect on your hair … the more nervous you become, the slower your hair will grow. Try to rest and relax more often, even a short nap can be invaluable.

With Love,

Avoid Drama With Your Hair

My dear , beloved father always used to teach my older brother, saying:”If you want to compliment a woman, praise and admire her  hair.”...Well daddy was right as always)))

That’s a known fact; men love long, gorgeous, healthy looking hair. It is strange, but we rarely pay much attention to the care of our hair when it is healthy and beautiful. However, as soon as our daily washing and blow drying becomes a struggle, and our tears begin to flow over a brush full of lost hair, and we are screaming at the mirror “SOS” in panic, we run to the closest hair products store, and pray for relief.  We all hope for the opportunity to restore our hair, make it grow, and begin to recive those wonderful compliments again! Can we do it at home, more affordably, and with greater rewards? The answer is … Absolutely! As my Grandma would always say, “There is no better remedy than home masks.”
Im sure we can agree that most of the time we care far more for skin than our hair. At the first sign of a wrinkle, we grown concerned, and the drama begins … So, we always carry serums, creams, and face lifting masks in order to prevent and counteract the symptoms AND the drama …. Why don’t we care that much about our hair? Especially when our hair, most of the time, shows symptoms of serious unbalance in our body. Furthermore, our hair lacks a natural ability to nourish itself, due to the poor blood circulation at the scalp.
So… clearly, we know what the problem is, but how do we protect ourselves … what is the solution to this dilemma? What is it that we are doing wrong in our everyday routine that so negatively influences our hair?
Honestly, that answer is not really a secret – It is a cliché, but it is also a fact: “We are what we eat!” Therefore, the first thing that we have to do is balance our diet. Our bodies should receive all of the necessary vitamins and microelements required to keep our scalp and hair healthy within the food we consume.

Here is a list of a few items which really impact our hair:
1. Active and/or passive smoking, terribly affects your hair structure.
2.  Strong coffee and teas affect your blood circulation.
3. This one may surprise you, but some women face a similar problem as men: Hair loss … although not as prominent and noticeable as with men, women do experience it! Typically, a woman will run to the doctor with the first sign of hair loss, and a man will simply neglect it!
4.  Your hair loses its luster and shine, simply through daily styling, ironing, and blow drying.
5. Some of us live in areas with strong atmospheric and/or ecological pollution. It is not a stretch to say that our skin and hair become affected by these pollutants.  
6.  Improper hair care leads to the retardation of its growth; another reason why it is so important to properly select hair care products for your individual daily routine. Shampoo your hair daily if necessary, use thermo protection products for blow drying or ironing, take hair supplements and vitamins, and avoid hair color products containing ammonia.

I hope you learned something new,

Friday, November 25, 2011

Would You Care for your Eyebrows?

There is no doubt, our eyebrows make our face look more expressive and beautiful… actually I should correct myself, by saying, only properly cared for eyebrows make a woman’s face more attractive. Eyebrow shapes fashion changes as often as clothes fashion. There were times when thick eyebrows were in style, then thin...then bent or straight… There is a saying in the Fashion world: “Everything new is the forgotten old.” Nowadays, classy, and natural looking eyebrows are in style.
As for myself, I don’t believe that in order to be considered a “Lady with Style,” that you have to follow every tendency in the fashion world, especially when it comes to your facial skin. I believe that fashionable is not necessarily beautiful… you just have to have a class and style – two things that you can’t do without… (You either have it or you do not.) The most important thing about your eyebrows is finding the shape that will work perfectly with the shape of your face, your features and your age, of course.
 But I tell you what: if you are going to wax your eyebrows for the first time, Please, DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF, go to a Beauty Salon, where a professional cosmetologist will select the best eyebrows shape for you; also, make sure you would not do anything with your eyebrows for about a month letting it grow as it is.  Make eyebrow care procedures a part of your daily routine. Believe it or not, but our eyebrows gather a lot of dust, invisible to our eyes, on a daily basis. Care for your eyebrows as much as you would care for your skin, or hair… it can be very easy:  each time after your clean your face, make sure that you comb your eyebrows and apply some olive or castor oil with a little brush. That is All)))
Speaking of eyebrow care, I have this great Shiseido eyebrow brush that I use each time I apply castor oil or simply brush my eyebrows. Also, I use eyebrow dye cream… Love it, love it girls. My eyebrows are very light naturally, practically invisible, and with my high and low lighted hair, I prefer to have dark, expressive eyebrows. Usually, if I don’t have time to go to a Beauty Salon and have my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted, I will do it myself at home, by using DYE products … These products are very easy to use at home and get great results that lasts for about 3-4 weeks. And of course, after tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes use oils as I’ve mentioned earlier.
These simple procedures will promote the strengthening of your eyebrow roots, making them thick and silky. For thin eyebrows, I would suggest to apply Vitamin creams that promote hair growth.
With Love,

Do you Know How to Take Bath with Essential Oils?

If you want your aroma bath to bring you the maximum results, you have to adhere to the following simple rules:
1.First, less is better! Use no more than 5 drops of an essential oil for the whole bath. Adding too much oil can cause nausea and irritated skin.

2.Never add an essential oil by itself to your bath. Essential oils will not dissolve in the water; they will simply form an oily membrane on the surface. Therefore preliminarily, you will have to add your oil to a base-dissolvent. Dissolvents you can use are almond oil (10-15 ml), honey, kefir, sour cream, cream (2-3 table spoons), whole milk (100-200 ml), sea or table salt (3-4 table spoons). Admix an essential oil with a base-dissolvent, and THEN add it into the water.

3.The bath water should not be too hot! The optimum temperature range is between 100-105F, but if you don’t have a thermometer, just look at the mirror in your bathroom, it shouldn’t fog over. Very hot water will provoke excessive sweating and will counteract the process of absorbing the beneficial essential oils in to your skin.

4.I would not recommend using any soaps, shower gels or shampoos while you taking your aroma bath, since soaps and other cleaning products reduce the therapeutic effects of essential oils.

5.There is a time for everything. Please don’t take your aroma bath right after you have had your meal. Wait for at least 2 hours before. Also, try not to stay in your bath for more than 20 minutes. Lastly, only take such baths every 2-3 days.

6.I would not recommend that you take a shower, or dry off with a towel directly after your bath, as even after you done with your bath the essential oils will continue their therapeutic and cosmetic effect on your skin.

7.Right after your bath try to have some down time: Lie down in bed, have a cup of herbal tea, and relax with a nice book.

8.Remember, an aroma bath is a very strong therapeutic procedure. During pregnancy some oils are categorically contraindicative – for example, baths with oils of mint, peppery, geraniums, jasmine, juniper, etc. It is better, to request a complete list of “not recommended oils” from a qualified aroma therapist.

I would like to say a few words about natural and synthetic essential oils. Unfortunately, oils purchased in drugstores will not guarantee you the best overall quality. More often than not, drugstores and cosmetic stores sell synthetic essential oils, and the aroma of synthetic oils is not always consistent with the actual scents of the pure natural oil extracts. However, synthetic oils are deprived of all medical properties. Synthetic Oils are good to use for household application (for example, for aromatization of house and/or clothes).

9.For a bath with essential oils, it is necessary to choose only natural essential oils. They are usually sold in a little, dark bottle, and they will not be cheap.  On that note, pay attention to the price – if a manufacturer sells all different kinds of oils at the same price, it is most likely an artificial production, since the manufacturing cost of each of the oils is not the same, and with different costs for raw materials, the price of priory cannot be identical.
As with any natural agent, a bath with essential oils doesn't give instant cosmetic and therapeutic effects. It works over time, slowly but surely. But I guarantee you my Ladies, that in due time, and with regular use, essential oils will create a “velvet revolution” over your body, providing you with harmony and pleasure from the beauty of your own body.

Bath Queen,