Sunday, November 27, 2011

Head Massage For the Benefit of Your Hair.

... Or How to massage your head to stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair.

A beautiful face and a slender figure are not all of the components to female beauty. Hair is always an important factor of beauty for a real woman: If you were to survey several men, the overwhelming majority of them will tell that the sexual appeal of a woman is inseparably linked in their minds to beautiful and healthy hair. AND, the longer the hair, the better.

Hair loss is a very unpleasant problem for many women these days, and young ladies unfortunately, are not an exception.  Even if hair loss is not that noticeable, almost everyone faces dull, thinning and slow growing hair.
The market offers a great variety of hair treating products, and you definitely need to try those that most suitable and effectively work with your specific symptoms. However, it is important to remember that the head massage is an old, well tested method of stimulating hair growth.
In tandem with other means and methods, a head massage helps to create some amazing improvements to the tone of your scalp, stimulates blood supply to your hair follicles, and assists the hair in acquiring essential nutrients and treatments from the blood. Besides, head massage helps to get rid of dandruff and other scalp diseases, returns hair density and shine, gives it strength and stimulates faster hair growth. If you massage your hair roots everyday, you will see the benefits.
It is very easy to learn how to do massage at home, and the results are quick.

One of the easiest methods of massage is to use natural organic materials. At first you have to comb your hair for a few minutes from your temples to the vertex, and then from temples to the forehead and a nape – with stroking, circular, motions; then change combing movements to a zigzag pattern.

Massaging the head with essential oils stimulates hair growth as well.  Just test these oils on your scalp first and make sure that your skin does not have a negative reaction.  For stimulating your hair growth, just take one drop of black pepper or rosemary oil and rub it in your hair in circular motions from top down. Also apply one drop at the nape basis, then massage scalp upwards to the vertex, and then to the forehead. When you are finished with the massage, you will feel an easy tingling on your head.
Pressing massage of the head for growth and strengthening of hair
Pressing massage of the head is great since it is easy to do wherever you are: while you walking, at work, etc. First, press your right palm to the right side of your head and keep pressing for 5-10 seconds. Then repeat the same with left side, forehead, and nape. Blood flow to a head will be amplified, and therefore feeding your roots, and improving the growth rate.

Try to massage your head for a few days. You will quickly feel that your overall health and mood improve, and in a short few weeks, you will notice that your hair will become stronger and return to a shinier state. Generally, to notice visible hair growth, you will have to do this for at least 2 months.

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