Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Women Have No Right to be Wrong

What woman doesn't dream about her skin to remain young and beautiful for a long time?
We are trying everything to achieve that dream: creams, masks, massages etc.  But do you realize that wrong skin care can harm your skin not less than a complete absence of skin care?

Here is the list of our most common mistakes with regard to our face:

Error 1:  Care that is not corresponding with our age.
Very often, when selecting care for our face we sometimes go to extremes.
Some of us start using anti-aging creams and serums  as soon as we turn 20, while others even being in their  40’s limit their face skin care with moisturizers only, thinking that  overall quality and look of their skin depends more upon heredity, rather than proper face care. In reality, neither of these two types of women provide for their skin properly.
Error Correction: There is no need to use anti-age cosmetics when you are still in your 20s, since the skin at that age is still capable of actively developing collagen, which is responsible for elasticity, and for fighting the free radicals constantly blasting the integrity of your skin cells. At this age, it is far more important to regularly humidify, moisturize, and to protect your skin harmful the influences of UV rays.
When should we add anti-aging products into our daily skin care routine?
Cosmeticians recommend doing it around the age of 35 years. But besides age, it is also necessary to be guided by the condition of your skin, since everyone has their own scenario and skin aging process.
It is important not to miss that moment when it does become a necessary to begin purposeful and preventive maintenance of withering skin, which can, in some cases, begin as early as 25 yrs. After all, it is always easier to prevent any unwilling changes, rather than correct them. I am sure that each of us is perfectly capable of realizing when this moment arrives. Obviously, you don’t have to wait for these signs of aging as "the floated" shape of your face, or sharp wrinkles; but when your skin condition does start to change, you will lose that former elasticity, freshness, and those regular skin products you once used regularly will be insufficient in making your skin look as it once had before.
These signs say that natural processes of restoration are slowed down, and your skin requires external support in order to fight the age changes. Genes certainly play an important role here. However, they define a skin condition only 30% of the time, and the other 70% - your face skin care products business.

Error 2: Cleaning too much Nobody is saying that your skin does not require daily cleaning and purification.  However, many of us over do it, and try to clean our skin to the extreme on a daily basis; by not using soft cleansing milks, and lotions, but scrubs, pilling, and intensive masks.  Of course, after using these types of skin cleaning products, the appearance of our skin is very satisfactory: skin looks smooth and elastic. But soon these routines of cleaning your face will change the texture of your skin, making it more sensitive, dry and dull. The first reason is the disturbance of your natural acid-base balance in your skin, and the destruction of hydro-lipid membranes. These membranes serve as a natural protector against your every day environment, and help to keep the moisture inside your skin. The second reason is, after frequent purification, your skin cells, which hardly had time to be replenished and restored from the last cleaning procedure, become damaged and grow course after repeating the influence of a scrub or a mask.
Error Correction:  In order to qualitatively clean your face from the pollution and make-up, it is enough to use a soft cleaning agent as a lotion, milk, a foam etc., doing it twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.  With this in mind, the efficiency of the procedure, in many ways, depends and on the quality of the skin care product.  When you are selecting your skin care product, make sure that surface-active substances (PEAHENS) and alcohol are not listed within the ingredients, since those agents will blast at your skin’s lipid layer. Scrub will benefit you only with rare use. The whole idea of scrubbing/exfoliating of your skin is to remove already devitalized keratosis cells, so that the top layer of a skin will be renewed and your cells will have an easy access to nutrients. Therefore, scrub an oily skin 1-2 times a week, normal skin once a week, dry and sensitive skin no more than twice a month.

Error 3: Expectation of quick result
We often hear phrase like “Oh, I am disappointed; this cream doesn’t work as promised by manufacturer…” from women who had been using face product for only a week or so.
In reality, the absence of visible results after only a few applications is not a reason to doubt its efficiency. In order for cream to work and provide the desired results, it has to “get accustomed" to your skin.  You can only expect instant results if you are using lifting –short time action creams, so called, "fillers" of wrinkles and products of superficial humidifying.
Error Correction: In order to fairly evaluate the cream’s effectiveness, please use it regularly for at least month or two. If the effects are satisfactory and pleasant to you, then continue using it for as long as you like. Do not be afraid that after a while your skin will get used to it and the cream will stop working for you. As soon as your skin does not require the support from this cream anymore, you will feel it yourself.
Error 4: To think that cosmetics can resolve all your skin problemsSome women fondly believe that it’s enough to buy good cosmetics and to use it regularly, in order to prolong their youth. Well, it is no doubt that the cosmetics of the last generation are the powerful weapon in the fight with skin aging. But its efficiency can be diminished almost completely, if you do not give the proper attention to the beauty maintenance required "from within".
Error Correction: The skin condition directly depends on an organism condition as a whole. That is why, in order for cosmetics to support the beauty of your skin, it is necessary to work on your style of life. Reconsider the menu and  make sure that it consists of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, products rich with poly-non-saturated fat acids (such as fat grades of fish – a mackerel, a herring, a sardine, a trout, a tuna; vegetable oils; nuts). Begin your personal fight with any excess weight, if it is present. Being overweight makes a woman look 5-10 years older than she is. Increase your physical activity with walks or morning jogs. You will see that your skin will react to the improvement of your metabolism immediately. Well and, of course, try to get rid of bad habits. They are not only shortening your life, but also stealing your youth and beauty.

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