Friday, November 11, 2011

Do You Know About Inner Clock of Your Skin?

We all know, it is necessary to know your type of skin while selecting your skin care product. Pleasantly, it was discovered that our skin lives in its own rhythm and according to its own inner clock… so your skin will give you the best response to a cream if you apply it in coordination with your biorhythms.

 Here is how it works and what I do:

Blood circulation becomes intensive. Glands of internal secretion start activating with the emission of hormones.  This is a great time for using light hydrating cream or serum.

 Blood circulation is at its peak. During these hours, your skin is like a sponge, greatly absorbs everything applied on it. During these times, it is necessary to protect your skin with a good day cream suitable for your skin type.

 At this time of day, you will notice an oily shine and enlarged pores, since your sebaceous glands are strenuously working. It is recommended to use tonic and matting products during these times.

This is the time of day where the first signs of “tired skin” and wrinkles become visible. Your skin needs quick rest- a refreshing splash of cold water and tonic.

The skin is absolutely unreceptive to any cosmetic procedures.

 Your skin actively absorbs oxygen. Use of a cleanser will relieve your skin from the tiredness of the day and allow it to breathe freely.

The skin intensively absorbs biologically active elements and nutrients contained in night creams.
I hope I was helpful here
Yours, Rusinka

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