Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Properly Apply Cream on Your Face

Our daily face care should definitely include an application of moisturizer. However, not only is it important to apply a moisturizing cream daily, but it is very important to apply your cream properly, for the best results.
First of all, right after you apply a small amount of moisturizer on your face, you have to massage/rub it in, making sure it is absorbed well and hasn’t left your face stiffened like a mask would.
This may be obvious, but your hands should be clean. Put a little moisturizer on the palm of your hand, and slightly triturate it. This helps to warm up the cream with your body heat, since most creams are stored in the refrigerator, per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Now, put your palms on your cheeks, so that the cream remains on them, and with light circular motions, start rubbing the cream into your cheeks with your finger-tips.
Rub the next portion of cream with the same movements, along the bridge of your nose to your temples. Make sure you do not apply it under your eyes, as there are special under eye creams and gels specifically used for these areas.
From your temples, slowly move toward your forehead. Then, from the middle of your forehead back to the temples, keep working the cream with your fingers (keeping your palms in a horizontal position). Next, move to your mouth (with your palms in a vertical position) and with your finger-tips, continue to rub the cream around your lips.
Move to your chin. Start doing easy hitting movements along your chin with the back side of your palm.
Don't forget to put a cream on a neck and décolleté area! This method of cream application will provide your face with better absorption, and it will help to improve blood circulation in your face.
 Most of the time, with our busy schedules, it is difficult to find the time to follow this application procedure in full, BUT remember … You should love and care for yourself, because if you do not, no one else will. Try to care about your skin and follow these procedures at least twice a week.


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