Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Properly?

Our hair is symbol of our health and beauty. Just by looking at our hair, it is easy to determine how well we feel. Very often, we spoil our appearance with the negligent use of hair irons, blow dryers, and colorings.  For example, incorrectly dried up hair can become fragile, with split ends, and a loss of shine and silkiness. Can this be avoided? Of course … And today, we will learn how to properly blow dry your hair.
This may or may not be obvious, but the best way to dry your hair is to let it dry naturally (Well, at least 80 % of your hair). At this stage of dryness, a blow dryer will let you style your hair naturally.  On the contrary, styling your hair with a blow dryer while it is completely wet, will not last long.  If using a blow dryer is absolutely necessary, try to do it carefully, without over drying your hair or the skin on your head. Try to direct a stream of a hot air to the length of your hair, rather than the roots.
While your hair is wet, try to apply thermo protective styling mousse or gel. That will help to protect your hair from the negative effects of a blow dryer, and at the same time, leave your hair healthy and silky. These thermo products get deep in to the structure of hair, providing hair nourishment and preventing fragility.


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