Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Does Our Hair Grow So Slowly?

 A deficiency of nutrients and a retardation of blood circulation at the scalp are the main causing factors to a passive phase in our hair. Hair grows slowly if our body doesn’t supply our head with enough nutrients. While this lack of nutrients exists, so does the stage where our hair follicles are at rest.  Without these vital nutrients, our hair follicles remain in a “passive mode.” Once the follicles begin to receive enough of those necessary and vital nutrients, they become stimulated, they “wake up,” and the hair begins to grow again.
For a more healthy hair growing process, it is necessary for your scalp to receive up to 20 micro-elements (like magnesium, calcium iodine, iron, zinc, sulfur, etc.) each day. Taking daily supplements and vitamins is the most effective way to provide your hair with these nutrients. The vitamins, if used regularly, deliver various additives and useful substances from the blood to all thirsting areas of the scalp. However, when the capillaries in your scalp are constricted, your hair follicles, despite a rich ration of vitamins in your blood stream, are still "fasting".  Even still, this problem is easily overcome, and we can still return our hair to that healthy length and look that we desire. 
For a hundreds of years, our mothers, grand mothers, and great grandmothers were applying herbal masks and conditioners to their hair. I sincerely believe that traditional medicines, and those secret hair recipes from our grannies, combine for the best and most effective methods for achieving healthy hair. Typically, a mask should be applied to your hair around two times a week, in addition to any oil products you may use. Oil therapies are my favorite! It’s a proven fact, that oils contain a considerable quantity of fat acids, helping to refresh your scalp and quickly normalize the condition of hair roots. The application of oil strengthens hair follicles, stops hair loss, and stimulates hair growth.  
There are several known methods for stimulating blood circulation in the scalp:
- Massage.  A proffesional head massage will improve circulation, stimulate hair follicles, and accelerate blood flow. A quick head massage lasting about 5-10 minues a day may work well for you and your hair.
- Yoga promotes the best flow of blood to head and hair follicles, which results in quicker restoration of hair nutrients.
  On top of everything said here, just remember: Take care of yourself! You are number one! Try to avoid stress and negative emotions, as they badly affect your soul and body, not to mention, they can also spoil your appearance and hair beauty. Just remember the consequences of stress on you and its effect on your hair … the more nervous you become, the slower your hair will grow. Try to rest and relax more often, even a short nap can be invaluable.

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