Monday, November 21, 2011

Love Yourself-Be Adored by Others

All of us want to be beautiful and attractive and adored by everyone around. Sounds sweet, but how can you achieve this?  What are the standards of female beauty? Is it an ability to dress up in the latest fashion…or a haircut with the latest trendy style, or bright new make-up? Keep yourself in perfect, sporty shape… all of these will definitely contribute to your female beauty … but there should be something else, a foundation for discovering or maintaining that beauty.  I would like to pay specific attention to some essential moments, without which, the beautiful dress, magnificent hairdo, and tremendous make-up will seem dull and dim, and you will look insufficiently attractive, or at least, not as good as you could!
Self-confidence is one of the key elements.
You will look great in simple clothes and with modest make-up (or without it at all), if you radiate self-confidence in your female beauty and power. To that point, being self- confident and dressed well, with expensive jewelry, proper make-up and hair style, you will become irresistible.
But you have to remember the sequence – First, gain your self-confidence, then get the fashionable clothes. Not everyone is born with absolute, natural, beauty … some have less, some have more, but interestingly enough, women who are less attractive, often end up having more friends, and more successful marriages and relationships. That is all dependent upon how you present yourself, and how confident you are in yourself.  Women with strong self-confidence are admired by their friends, colleagues, and amazed by men. Women, who know how to present themselves, have great manners and self-confidence is usually the one who set those standards of beauty and attractiveness … Women like that are irresistible.
Gait and posture.
I think that our gait and our posture depend not only on our general physical appearance, but on our self-confidence as well.
People  look more attractive if they have a confident gait, straight back, and the ability to present and hold themselves. I have met so many people who have beautiful features but were lost due to a terrible gait and posture, and looked like they were very not confident in themselves. Those “beautiful on the outside” people looked old to me, but not because of their age, obviously, but because of the way they acted and felt inside. Each time we meet someone who presents themselves without confidence and inner beauty, we think how they may not appreciate and/or love the people their lives; nothing inspires them, and they never seem pleased. My suggestion is; no matter what happens during your life adventure, never give up, and always carry yourself with pride. Learn to always hold you’re head high and your back straight, be happy and attractive to the people around you.
Nothing makes woman look as beautiful, sincere, radiant and childish, as her smile.
A smile will dramatically change the appearance of a person, showing their best side. The smile is an attractive weapon, because you give off light and warmth each time you use it, and people reach out for this light, it warms their hearts,  pleases, cheers up.  
Cheerfulness and
Not only does a beautiful smile attract people, but a joyful, positive, vital spirit is amazing. You have probably noticed that many people desire to be around joyful people, because they recharge the senses, and provide color and brightness. Try to be such a person, because people who live an interesting, active life have no time for sadness. Their eyes sparkle, they are full of energy, passion, life ideas which makes them naturally attractive. Work on your self-confidence, love yourself and your life, give warmth and light to this world, smile and be attractive.

Love yourself,

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