Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is your Food Craving Today?

 Many doctors tend to think that it is better to be guided by your own predilections in meal. However, when using this approach, it is very important to distinguish whether you are eating based on a craving, or because your body is demanding it. However, cravings for certain foods were most likely initially formed based on an impulse and particular taste that your body desired. It is very difficult to lie to your body. Either way, if from time to time, you have an unexpected desire to eat something special; it would probably be a simple demand from your body, rather than habit.

The desire to eat a banana can mean lack of potassium in your blood. Interestingly, banana is considered to be a fruit that is capable of cleaning your system of nicotine. Another example, if you can't live without cheese that means that your body demands more calcium and phosphorus. The same elements, by the way, are contained in broccoli, but with far fewer calories. Your love for nuts can be explained as your body’s need of fiber, B vitamins, and fats.  Nuts also contain substances that help your body deal with stress.
Predilection for a melon, similar to bananas, can express a need of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin, and an inositol. As you are reading this, you can see that all these foods described above are “Healthy desires” for healthy products. But with other, clearly, not so healthy products, the situations and explanations can be very different. We all know how much has been written about the possible harms of chocolate to our skin and shape. However, according to many tests and surveys, the first product your body craves during a stressful moment is chocolate.
Of course, there is a scientific explanation for that: Chocolate contains amino acids, which through chemical chain reactions in an organism, turn to serotonin — a substance-mediator helping to create good moods. No one would argue that your appearance cannot be affected by your mood; so in conclusion a small piece of a chocolate will not harm your body, but defiantly make your happier, and as a result, look prettier!

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