Friday, November 25, 2011

Would You Care for your Eyebrows?

There is no doubt, our eyebrows make our face look more expressive and beautiful… actually I should correct myself, by saying, only properly cared for eyebrows make a woman’s face more attractive. Eyebrow shapes fashion changes as often as clothes fashion. There were times when thick eyebrows were in style, then thin...then bent or straight… There is a saying in the Fashion world: “Everything new is the forgotten old.” Nowadays, classy, and natural looking eyebrows are in style.
As for myself, I don’t believe that in order to be considered a “Lady with Style,” that you have to follow every tendency in the fashion world, especially when it comes to your facial skin. I believe that fashionable is not necessarily beautiful… you just have to have a class and style – two things that you can’t do without… (You either have it or you do not.) The most important thing about your eyebrows is finding the shape that will work perfectly with the shape of your face, your features and your age, of course.
 But I tell you what: if you are going to wax your eyebrows for the first time, Please, DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF, go to a Beauty Salon, where a professional cosmetologist will select the best eyebrows shape for you; also, make sure you would not do anything with your eyebrows for about a month letting it grow as it is.  Make eyebrow care procedures a part of your daily routine. Believe it or not, but our eyebrows gather a lot of dust, invisible to our eyes, on a daily basis. Care for your eyebrows as much as you would care for your skin, or hair… it can be very easy:  each time after your clean your face, make sure that you comb your eyebrows and apply some olive or castor oil with a little brush. That is All)))
Speaking of eyebrow care, I have this great Shiseido eyebrow brush that I use each time I apply castor oil or simply brush my eyebrows. Also, I use eyebrow dye cream… Love it, love it girls. My eyebrows are very light naturally, practically invisible, and with my high and low lighted hair, I prefer to have dark, expressive eyebrows. Usually, if I don’t have time to go to a Beauty Salon and have my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted, I will do it myself at home, by using DYE products … These products are very easy to use at home and get great results that lasts for about 3-4 weeks. And of course, after tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes use oils as I’ve mentioned earlier.
These simple procedures will promote the strengthening of your eyebrow roots, making them thick and silky. For thin eyebrows, I would suggest to apply Vitamin creams that promote hair growth.
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