Tuesday, November 29, 2011

7 Myths About Your Hair

Myth 1. Proper Diet is a foundation of healthy and beautiful hair.
Certainly, vitamins, mineral substances, fibers and poly-non-saturated fat acids which arrive in our organism together with nutrition, positively influence our appearance. But the biggest portion of all useful substances goes naturally to the maintenance of the major internal organs. Therefore, quite often they don’t reach our hair. To compensate this deficiency, you have to support and feed your hair externally with various conditioners, masks, ampoules, thermo-protection and other cosmetic products. These products protect your hair from negative external influences, in particular: UV-radiation, which can’t be provided even in the most healthy food groups.
Myth 2. Frequent shampooing harms your hair.
Wash your hair on demand. If your hair requires shampooing 5 times a week, select the proper shampoo for everyday use. Those shampoos do not contain any aggressive cleaning substances and won't dry up your hair.

Myth 3. The conditioner can replace hair mask and vice versa.
This statement is absolutely false. These products have a totally different function for your hair. The conditioner has been used in order to make hair obedient, to facilitate combing and to hydrate slightly. The mask is a much more intensive hair treatment product, due to the high number of active components that are capable of treating and assisting your hair with serious problems (for example dryness and fragility). Basically, if your hair is healthy, the conditioner will be enough; however, using a mask will never damage it. Hair that has been subjected to a perm, UV-rays, coloring, is definitely more prone to an intensive, more powerful care, like masks and ampoules.
Myth 4. If you trim your hair it will grow faster.
 Haircuts do not, in any way, influence the rate of your hair growth. This parameter is defined exclusively by your individual genes. However keep in mind that the rate of growth may be slowed by some forms of skin disease, or shortages of nutrients to your hair follicles.
Myth 5. Over time, you hair becomes accustomed to the use of the same hair care products, and after a while, becomes ineffective… that is why you have to change your hair care products once in a while.
 This is also incorrect. If a shampoo or mask works for your hair, use them as long as you like without being afraid of any loss of effectiveness.  On the other hand, if you permed your hair or had been very stressed out for an extended period of time, you might need a stronger hair product than you were used to, (or stronger than the one you were used to) because your hair condition has been changed.
Myth 6. Modern Blow- dryers are absolutely harmless.
Yes, if you use them sparingly. Unfortunately, the majority of us, due to the lack of time, have to Blow-dry on a high power regimen almost every day.  High temperatures always dry up your hair, making it rigid and dull. So thermo-protection products can act as your hair protection.
Myth 7. Men hair products do not work for women and vice versa.
Male and Female hair products only differ from each other through smell and design of the bottle.
Both contain the same amino acids, useful vegetative extracts, and the same vitamins and other ingredients.The important thing is not in choosing between a man’s or woman’s hair product, but to ensure that the selected product will be the most effective one for your hair type, in order to improve its structure and health.  If a woman likes the smell of her husband’s shampoo, no one will forbid her from using it.  But if his shampoo is for a dry hair and her hair is oily, it is better not to experiment.


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