Monday, November 21, 2011

My “CosmoView”

I can assure you that no one woman can maintain her soft, young, skin look, without properly selecting the right skin care products. After all, good care of your facial skin at home is “preventive maintenance” for problems which can arise in the future. Every morning I wash my face with an ice cube, alternating turns between mineral water ice cubes and chamomile tea ice cubes. Then I use tonic Chanel and either one of my favorite creams. Currently, I have three favorite creams:

  Chanel Hydramax +, Serum Skinceuticals
  and my recent opening — a cream with grape extracts by Caudalie.
I discovered these products when I went France for a week. At first, I bought face cream and a mask, and I was pleasantly amazed with the effect right after the first use; my skin tone leveled out and became vibrant. Since then I am in love with these Caudalie goodies.  In the evening I use the same products, but I alternate them.
   Besides my creams, my “must have” would be a lip balm by Chanel Hydramax. 
If my day was extremely busy and I felt that my skin was tired and dull, I would then apply a face scrub by Yves Saint Laurent. This scrub doesn’t contain any abrasive parts, and it perfectly clears, and exfoliates my skin, without irritating it.

In terms of the make-up, a brush by Bobby Brown is always in my purse– I like to shade my eyes, so they turn out as smoky eyes with quartet eye shadows from Chanel.  I love when I have mascara on my eyelashes , I use different mascaras though : Armani Eyes To Kill , this Mascara makes my eyes unbelievably beautiful and expressive, for real! I also like Hypnose from Lancome, and Mascara by Bobby Brown – it adds amazing length and volume to my eyelashes, and keeps their natural look at the same time.
 I almost don’t use any lipsticks, as I prefer lip gloss instead. The Lip Glosses I now prefer is by Chanel (it adds a vibrant shine to my lips), Bobby Brown (lasts long on my lips), Dior (love their sparkling glosses for nights out), Yves Saint Laurent (good quality that I would use on a daily basis, smoothly stays on my lips), and Clinique (this one is the perfect variant for summer, lips look like they are varnished… very sexy and seductive). In terms of foundation, I either use Vichy or Make up Forever, these are the only two foundations that do not give me a “face mask effect.”
My constant hair procedure is toning. Recently I discovered Inoa line by L’Oreal and was very surprised with the results: I started to get more compliments about the smoothness and silkiness of my hair, and it lasted for a long time! My favorite hair care is Kerestase. However, I was basically satisfied with each and every product I have tried. In the summer, my favorite line that works really well with my hair, protecting it from sun, and leaves it silky and vibrant, is Kerastase after sun care. During the winter, my hair care line would be Kerastase Cement (shampoo, conditioner, and ampoules).
 The only beauty express-receipt I have is wiping my face with an ice cube. That is probably the only fast acting remedy I have. Overall, I believe that no express receipts in the world will help your skin if you don’t care for your skin on a daily basis. Though, if I would have to do a quick make over, I would probably wash my face with thermal water, apply some cream, like Top Secrets from Yves Saint Laurent, and put some blush on my cheekbones. I would drink a cup of espresso with a glass of water… that will be all that I need to cheer myself up.
I hope you enjoyed my secret)))

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