Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Achieve Expressive Eyes

Us, women, can express ourselves without words, just with the movement of arms, movement of eyes...  You can kill with eyes; and you can create … Eyes reflect whole world, power, and the light of life. The most charming women would have to agree that their best kept secret would be to have that sparkle, that light of fire in their eyes with every movement and every word.  The magic within your eyes is limitless at all ages, and has been known to carry people away in world of passion.
If you too want to become a Master of this natural eye charm, the following exercises will be very useful for you:
1) Make circular motions with your eyes open: at first clockwise, then — counterclockwise.
2 Intensively move eyes across: to the right-on the left, and verticals: upwards-downwards.
3) Blinking. Intensively compress and unclench eyes.
4) Diagonals. Focus on an object in the lower left corner of your sight. After three blinks, repeat in the right corner.
5)  Similar to the previous exercise, look to the left top angle, then to the right.
6) Not less than hundred times easily and quickly blink with your eyes.
7) «Slanting eyes». Look with both eyes on the tip of your nose. To ease a performance of this exercise put your index finger to the bridge and   look at it — then eyes "will easily be bridged".
All exercises to be performed in a sitting position with straight back, and as relaxed as possible neck and shoulders.
While doing exercise when moving eyes in certain directions, try to concentrate on final point of each movement for some seconds. Each view should be as a nix with a needle — acute, fast, piercing. Please repeat each exercise not less than 7-10 times in one direction. Exercises can be carried out in different sequence and unlimited quantity of times.
 In addition to all written above, here is my additional secret for achieving expressive eyes with long and beautiful eyelashes in just about 4 weeks. My dear ladies, applaud to this great product:

 DS Laboratories Revita. EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator, DS Laboratories USA .When I was a little girl, all of my neighbors called me “doll”. I had long, curly hair, just like my dad. But, “a good friend of mine” convinced me to cut my beautiful eyelashes, so they would grow longer and thicker, just like a princess.  So, being young and naïve, I cut them. 22 years later, but my eyelashes have grown back, but not nearly as long as they were before I cut them! Looking at my childhood pictures, I want to cry over what I had done to myself. But what is done, is done, and I’ve decided I will not give up searching for a fix.  I bought this product, and as it was promised by the manufacturer, in 4 weeks they became visibly longer (however, didn’t get any thicker for me). So I am planning to use it for a while longer, and see how long my eyelashes will grow. Truly, I am very excited for these Revita products. This product in particular, has been a great discovery for me!!
That worked for me, and hopefully will make you happy also. Good luck my Beauty Hunters, and I am looking forward to hear about your experiences soon.
Always yours, Rusinka with Love

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