Thursday, December 15, 2011

Women's View on the Bad Economy: Saving Money on Beauty is Prohibited! Part 4

We prefer "long-playing" positions.

Obviously, the best offer - when the "one drop is enough to wash a mountain of dishes," or when "the effect of the application lasts for a long time," or ... when making a morning make-up, you can be sure that it will retain its appearance until night.
Each item in the Chanel lipstick accessories has a lasting effect and contains components that take care of health and beauty.
The secret of a perfect make-up.
There is much to talk about various makeup products for lips, however, the main condition for an ideal make-up is a well-groomed, smooth lip skin. Only on this basis you can create a very seductive look! Dont you think so?

Therefore, the most important, honorable and unique position in your private beauty collection belongs to Lip Scrub by

Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub

 that in my opinion,  have no analogues on the current market. This is the most effective and comfortable tool for lip care, preserving youthfulness!
Scrub gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells, stimulates the regeneration and growth of the new cells, maintains the skin's elasticity and youthfulness of lips. It has antiseptic qualities, instantly softens the skin, removes minor cracks and shelling, makes your lips look fresh and silky smooth.
In addition to above, Scrub enables you to adjust and correct any lasting lip make-up.

Rusinka with Love,

Today, we are working on our appearance transformation, in order to be successful, to find a unique and own style thus to get the confidence in the future. Eventually, we are not going to save on the means that lead us to the sense of being stronger and more confident.

Women's View on the Bad Economy: Saving Money on Beauty is Prohibited! Part 3

Your lips need an intense care, especially in a cold weather. Rouge COCO Hydrating Creme Lipcolor Color  combines useful properties of a balm itself and a rich color of a lipstick! Now you can combine a full oversight and rich shades of color at the same time. A wide set of nutritious and softening oils restore damaged lip skin, speed healing of small cracks up, eliminates dryness and peeling effectively and will give you the sense of comfort - while being under intensive care, your lips will look juicy and bright!
Create new textures and shades.
An infinite number of options does not necessarily mean a tightly packed makeup bag filled with a variety of lipsticks.
Economy means the variability! A real woman always knows how to make two and two turn out to be five ... or even seven.
How to perform it?
Several positions, different in texture and shades that you can easily vary, will give you some additional space for creativity and a lot of great, individual choices.

All positions of the Rouge COCO Shine Signature Shades complement each other perfectly, meeting the requirements of fashion and the most demanding taste. Using the Rouge COCO Shine Signature Shades  in the complex, you can do any lip make-up: from the natural to the business or elegant evening, with your lips always being well groomed and seductively soft.

Warm or cold Moisturizing shine performed by  Levres Scintillantes Glossimer by Chanel will adjust the color of a lipstick in the right direction and give the lips a sensual volume.
Resistant Le Crayon Levres  lip outliner cream pencil may be used as a resistant lipstick - one more color scheme in your palette.
Each new combination will give you a new shade of rich, luxurious colors.
There’s a rich palette right in your hands! Don’t hesitate to try, just improvise, look for new images and create your own unique style!

To Be Continued...

Women's View on the Bad Economy: Saving Money on Beauty is Prohibited! Part 2

......Let's start with the most popular cosmetic attribute - a lipstick.
"I'm not that rich to buy cheap things" - this saying best fits to choosing a lipstick. As it happens that an inexpensive lipstick either requires constant brushing up during the day, or dries your lips up so much, that wouldn’t like to use it quite often or use additional means for delicate care for skin of lips.
Obviously, it’s much more profitable choose exactly what you need! Here are a few tips to help you choosing the one.

Use universal positions, combining several functions
The lip skin is especially mobile, tender and disposed to aging, thus it most rapidly responds to the lack of care. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to high-quality moisturizing and caring cosmetic means. The combination of moisture and care along with expressive color would be just perfect.

Chanel cosmetics are the first ones to combine high durability and a full withdrawal due to their latest technology. Each item in the Chanel lips collection, devoted to lips, has a stable effect and contains components that take care of health and beauty.

Resistant Rouge COCO Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine , in contrast to conventional lipstick that lasts, does not dry up and does not contract the lips, but cares and makes your lips have a luxurious, rich color that lasts up to 8 hours without a touch-up!
One of the most practical and versatile options  is the Chanel Le Crayone Levres, Precision Lip Definer  : thanks to an amazing creamy texture you can apply it to the entire surface of the lips, as a persistent lipstick, or give a clear outline to lips, creates a perfect form.

To Be Continued....
I will be back girls...

Women's View on the Bad Economy: Saving Money on Beauty is Prohibited! Part 1

What does a woman do, feeling a wave of panic over the economic crisis? First of all, she begins to figure out what she could limit herself on... However, is it worth to start saving money on your appearance?
According to the data given by news agencies, responding to the crisis, Italian women solve the economic problem within family by significantly reducing expenses on their favorite pasta and cosmetics.
Many Russian women are also likely to think what they may save on. Should one save on makeup, and is it worth to deny oneself the pleasure of being attractive? I don’t think so.
In fact, appearance is a unique women's advantage, a vital need, the driving force and one of our primary instincts. A male feels successful when he is strong, active and is a man of the house. A woman herself, in order to feel "at ease" and be happy, needs to be beautiful… for her man, for her children, and first of all - for herself.
Are cosmetics able to influence the important decisions in woman’s life? Yes, they sure can! For example, here is a real life story. A woman decided to change her style and chose a lipstick that went perfectly with her image. Then she quit smoking forever, since cigarette didn’t look attractive in pale pink lips….

Don’t you agree that there is no worse thing for a man than losing a job and staying idle? It looks the same as if the ground has been knocked out from under his feet! He is lost and depressed from the inability to feel confident and strong...
So feels a woman when loses an ability to be attractive or when deliberately, for any reason doesn’t take care for herself.
Please don’t deprive yourself of the main benefits! And especially in times of change! Self-confidence and self-attractiveness are, amongst others, the foundation of all women's success and achievements, competitive advantage which is confirmed by sociologists and labor market statistics, they are the driving force that can perform any miracles!

So, we are not willing to follow the path that Italian housewives are used to.
First of all we are going to bring the makeup bag in order, and decide what is really most important and useful.

To be Continued....


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lee Stafford Overnight Sleepover Treatment Night Care

I love night hair masques. I just recently discovered their existence.  When I tried one, I realized how tremendously important it is to incorporate a night masque as part of my routine hair care regime.  If I am planning to wash my hair in the morning, then 20-30 minutes before I go to bed, I apply Lee Stafford Poker Straight Sleepover Overnight Treatment Mask, Intensive Mask for night use, with nutrition, regeneration and repair functions for damaged hair. In particular, it works great for hair that is constantly being straightened with an iron.  Restoring proteins recognize vulnerabilities in the hair structure and restore it. The mask works while you sleep.  It dries in minutes and leaves no spots on your pillow.  Keratin Amino Acids restore the optimum moisture balance of your hair.  Panthenol helps to obtain hair shine.  Restoring proteins retain smooth and strong hair structure, while refreshing and improving the overall look of your hair making it manageable .
My opinion: This was my first “Night Masque” experience ever.  And I should tell you with each application, my hair made me more and more happy. With every use, my hair became smoother, softer and more lustrous.  The consistency is fairly thick and it has a bit of a strong smell that remains in the hair until you wash it out.  Overall the results are amazing.  I can’t say this mask is very economical to use, but in general, by using it 3 times a week (long hair) this jar lasted for about two months.  Money well spent.

Biolage Hydra-Seal Leave-In Creme Matrix

Leave-in-cream that maintains the moisture inside the hair, instantly nourishing hair, making hair manageable due to the soft complex of forming polymers.  Restores split ends. Returns an intense shine and softness to healthy hair. Soy Protein penetrates into the hair, increasing its elasticity.
My opinion:  I’m thinking that this product is best for use on more or less healthy hair.  I would not recommend it for color treated or dry/ damaged hair, since in my opinion there is not enough moisturizing.  It does smell nice. But for my damaged hair, it’s probably not the best match. 

Kerastase Soleil Serum Apres-Soleil Colored Hair

Keratase Serum after the sun Serum Apres-Soleil is a product of Soleil Solar Series from Kerastase. Serum Apres-Soleil has a broad spectrum of activity and helps with various hair problems. The main ingredients are Ceramids, UV filter and  vitamin E which protect the brightness of the color and the shine of the hair.  Kerastase Serum after the sun Serum Apres-Soleil reliably protects hair from the adverse impacts of the environment, it ideally nourishes the hair, making it obedient. With regular use, hair becomes elastic, soft, silky and well fortified from the inside.  This ensures intensive rehabilitation of color treated hair exposed to sun.  As a result of its use, your hair will retain its color brilliance, be light and soft while protected from the sun rays. 
My opinion: Excellent hair care product for sunny weather for colored hair.  I usually apply a small amount of serum on towel dried hair before styling.  This is my product of choice over all other summer hair care treatments.  It gently cares, nourishes and hopefully protects my hair from the suns exposure.  The scent is also very pleasant.

L'oreal Serie Expert Intense Hydra Repair Treatment

Ultra light treatment/spray for dry hair.
Moisturizing ultra light leave in treatment supports your hair every day. Hair is soft, light and obedient as never before.  THERMO BI-ACTIF technology: silicone derivatives smooth the hair cuticle and protect against heat.  Cationic polymers nourish and make hair easier to comb, glycerol makes hair more natural and healthy looking.
My opinion: It totally fulfilled my expectations.  I usually apply this spray on my head wet for additional moisture, my hair is more manageable, soft and looks cared for. 

L'oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Thermo Repair Cream

The manufacturer promises instant results.  Hair recovers flexibility and is easy to manage. This effect continues even after the fifth wash.  AMIDOCELL technology:  Under heat, molecules penetrate into your hair and instantly restore hair structure.  The derivative of the starch is converted to a flexible film that covers the hair fiber.
My opinion:
Well, I have nothing to say against this product, BUT I love Kerastase Nectar more, if Kerastase is a bit too expensive for your budget, L’Oreal Thermo Repair will do the job almost as good as Kerastase will.  The results are similar to Kerastase, it moisturizes, softens and makes your hair more flexible.  Unfortunately for me, it’s not enough for my hair.  It has a pleasant scent and is very economical to use.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Explore Kerastase

I was thinking of how many of us are really confused with all different series, colors of shampoo bottles and its purpose. So, I've decided to make it clear and simple about Kerastase:
Nutritive – series for a deep conditioning.  There is also a series of Oleo Curl for curly hair and Oleo Relax to maintain straightness and smoothness of your hair.
Resistance - for hair restoration. For damaged and weak hair. This series has a very good thermal protection as well as a series of Volumactive for the volume.  I personally love the thermo protection the most.

Age Premium - prevents the "aging" of hair.  But it doesn’t mean that you have to start using this product once you turn fifty.  Use this deep conditioner each time you color, highlight or perm your hair.  It treats premature aging in addition to our bad ecology.

Reflection - for color-treated and highlighted hair.  This series is more designed for maintaining hair color and shine.

Specifique - for prevention of dandruff and hair loss for all different types of hair.

Soleil – summer series to protect your hair after, before and during sun exposure.

Biotic – Series for good care of your scalp.  It recharges and stimulates beautiful and healthy hair growth.

Noctogenist – This is a night care series. There is no shampoo. 

Nutrients - it is a vitamin for oral use, something like Inneov hair.

Chronologiste – The most famous and the most expensive series, consisting of a masque and special pearls of black caviar.  This series is probably the greatest achievement of Kerastase today.

Homme - Men series. The best care for a man’s hair with a sexy aroma. My husband absolutely loves it.
Hope you liked my research here,

Matrix Biolage Daily Leave-In Tonic

From the manufacturer: Instantly nourishes hair due to a strengthening botanical complex.  The main ingredients of the product are based on extracts, oils of sweet almonds, brown seaweed, hop and other strengthening components.  Tonic contains a derivative of the seeds of the sunflower plant, an antioxidant, and protects hair from UV and harmful influences of the environment. It returns extra shine and health to your dull hair.
My opinion: Lotion wasn’t any help for me.  The first 2 weeks I had little results, and the longer I used it the results became no better.  The combing process was very difficult and hair felt and looked sticky.  I didn’t see or feel any results from this tonic at all, but I absolutely love the aroma my hair has after using it.

Kérastase Reflection Lait Chroma Reflect Radiance Enhancing Milk

Milk for vital color and brightness of colored hair
From the manufacturer: Chroma Reflect Milk possesses a wide spectrum of action:
• Makes colored hair look bright and sated
• Strengthens hair cuticles, reducing the hair loss process.
• Moisturizes and nourishes entire length of hair.
• Creates special protective barriers around each strand to protect against the harmful influence of the environment.
• Normalizes “water in oil” balance of head skin.
• Gives hair tremendous shine and beauty
• Contains UV filter, protecting hair from the negative influences of the sun’s rays.
My opinion: I would rate it as an OKAY product.  Yes, my hair became shinier, but I was really expecting WOW results.  I have to say, however, that my hair wasn’t as dry, and there was less hair loss.  The best part of this product is the delicious sweet berry aroma leaving your hair with a very delicate scent.

Clear Moisture Instant Polishing Prep by Redken for Unisex

My opinion: I am very delighted with this stuff!  Apricot oil, one of the main ingredients of this lotion works miracles.  I have a lot of hair on my head, but they are very thin and hard to comb.  Thanks to Redken, I spray Polishing Prep on my hair 3 times and combing becomes much easier and more enjoyable.  In addition, dried hair becomes not only shiny and manageable, but thicker!  I spread it through the length of my hair without applying it to the roots.  I apply it on damp hair before blow-drying. The "dispenser" is great; it dispenses very small droplets, which makes the product very economical and easy to use.

Moltobene ...BENE Premium Crystal Night Repair Milk

BENE Premium Crystal Night Repair Milk - Regenerating night lotion for hair.  Deeply restores damaged hair, strengthens and promotes hair growth.  Returns your hair’s shine and elasticity while protecting against thermo damages and UV rays. Has a delicate floral aroma.
My opinion:  I love the idea of using it as a night time application. It feels like every part of my body is resting and getting cared for.  Two doses are plenty for long hair if you’re using the dispenser.  I rinsed it off while taking a shower in the morning and got soft, elastic, beautiful hair that lightly smelled like flowers.  Everything promised by the manufacturer came true.
Rusinka with Love,

Kerastase Elixir Ultime - Multifunctional Care for All Hair Types

Kerastase Elixir Ultime - Multifunctional care for all hair types: cleanses the scalp and hair over its entire length, protects against drying out, intensely nourishes and gives the perfect shine.
My opinion:  During the first week, I guess my hair was so dry that it soaked in the oil in only seconds.  I was using this product on vacation, and it did protect my hair from dehydration.  The smell is a little bit too strong for me, but after a day or so I guess I became used to it, it became less sharp and more pleasant.  I didn’t notice any miracles happening with my hair, but I found no minuses either.  So I guess I can say: “its Okay shampoo and milk”