Thursday, December 15, 2011

Women's View on the Bad Economy: Saving Money on Beauty is Prohibited! Part 1

What does a woman do, feeling a wave of panic over the economic crisis? First of all, she begins to figure out what she could limit herself on... However, is it worth to start saving money on your appearance?
According to the data given by news agencies, responding to the crisis, Italian women solve the economic problem within family by significantly reducing expenses on their favorite pasta and cosmetics.
Many Russian women are also likely to think what they may save on. Should one save on makeup, and is it worth to deny oneself the pleasure of being attractive? I don’t think so.
In fact, appearance is a unique women's advantage, a vital need, the driving force and one of our primary instincts. A male feels successful when he is strong, active and is a man of the house. A woman herself, in order to feel "at ease" and be happy, needs to be beautiful… for her man, for her children, and first of all - for herself.
Are cosmetics able to influence the important decisions in woman’s life? Yes, they sure can! For example, here is a real life story. A woman decided to change her style and chose a lipstick that went perfectly with her image. Then she quit smoking forever, since cigarette didn’t look attractive in pale pink lips….

Don’t you agree that there is no worse thing for a man than losing a job and staying idle? It looks the same as if the ground has been knocked out from under his feet! He is lost and depressed from the inability to feel confident and strong...
So feels a woman when loses an ability to be attractive or when deliberately, for any reason doesn’t take care for herself.
Please don’t deprive yourself of the main benefits! And especially in times of change! Self-confidence and self-attractiveness are, amongst others, the foundation of all women's success and achievements, competitive advantage which is confirmed by sociologists and labor market statistics, they are the driving force that can perform any miracles!

So, we are not willing to follow the path that Italian housewives are used to.
First of all we are going to bring the makeup bag in order, and decide what is really most important and useful.

To be Continued....


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