Thursday, December 15, 2011

Women's View on the Bad Economy: Saving Money on Beauty is Prohibited! Part 3

Your lips need an intense care, especially in a cold weather. Rouge COCO Hydrating Creme Lipcolor Color  combines useful properties of a balm itself and a rich color of a lipstick! Now you can combine a full oversight and rich shades of color at the same time. A wide set of nutritious and softening oils restore damaged lip skin, speed healing of small cracks up, eliminates dryness and peeling effectively and will give you the sense of comfort - while being under intensive care, your lips will look juicy and bright!
Create new textures and shades.
An infinite number of options does not necessarily mean a tightly packed makeup bag filled with a variety of lipsticks.
Economy means the variability! A real woman always knows how to make two and two turn out to be five ... or even seven.
How to perform it?
Several positions, different in texture and shades that you can easily vary, will give you some additional space for creativity and a lot of great, individual choices.

All positions of the Rouge COCO Shine Signature Shades complement each other perfectly, meeting the requirements of fashion and the most demanding taste. Using the Rouge COCO Shine Signature Shades  in the complex, you can do any lip make-up: from the natural to the business or elegant evening, with your lips always being well groomed and seductively soft.

Warm or cold Moisturizing shine performed by  Levres Scintillantes Glossimer by Chanel will adjust the color of a lipstick in the right direction and give the lips a sensual volume.
Resistant Le Crayon Levres  lip outliner cream pencil may be used as a resistant lipstick - one more color scheme in your palette.
Each new combination will give you a new shade of rich, luxurious colors.
There’s a rich palette right in your hands! Don’t hesitate to try, just improvise, look for new images and create your own unique style!

To Be Continued...

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