Sunday, December 11, 2011

L’Oreal Professional Expert Serie Masque Lumino Contrast

From the manufacturer: Mask Lumino Contrast is designed specifically for highlighted hair, because it requires different care than just colored hair. Masque will protect the color on your hair, assuring that the color will stay and not quickly wash off.   Your highlighted hair will be full of life, and every hair will be protected and more resistant to negative environmental factors.  In addition, this mask has the ability to restore the lipid balance of your highlighted hair.  Gradually you will notice how your hair becomes radiant, smooth and silky.  Due to a unique technology, Nutriceride, which was used in the development of this product, the components of the mask only work with highlighted, weakened hair, making combing and styling much easier.
My opinion:  I would not use this Masque on a daily basis for the main care of my hair; it doesn’t give my hair enough nourishment.  Although, if I know I will be exposed to the sun and ocean, it would be a must have product. The last time I went to Florida I used it several times for color support and it worked.

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