Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Explore Kerastase

I was thinking of how many of us are really confused with all different series, colors of shampoo bottles and its purpose. So, I've decided to make it clear and simple about Kerastase:
Nutritive – series for a deep conditioning.  There is also a series of Oleo Curl for curly hair and Oleo Relax to maintain straightness and smoothness of your hair.
Resistance - for hair restoration. For damaged and weak hair. This series has a very good thermal protection as well as a series of Volumactive for the volume.  I personally love the thermo protection the most.

Age Premium - prevents the "aging" of hair.  But it doesn’t mean that you have to start using this product once you turn fifty.  Use this deep conditioner each time you color, highlight or perm your hair.  It treats premature aging in addition to our bad ecology.

Reflection - for color-treated and highlighted hair.  This series is more designed for maintaining hair color and shine.

Specifique - for prevention of dandruff and hair loss for all different types of hair.

Soleil – summer series to protect your hair after, before and during sun exposure.

Biotic – Series for good care of your scalp.  It recharges and stimulates beautiful and healthy hair growth.

Noctogenist – This is a night care series. There is no shampoo. 

Nutrients - it is a vitamin for oral use, something like Inneov hair.

Chronologiste – The most famous and the most expensive series, consisting of a masque and special pearls of black caviar.  This series is probably the greatest achievement of Kerastase today.

Homme - Men series. The best care for a man’s hair with a sexy aroma. My husband absolutely loves it.
Hope you liked my research here,

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