Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kerastase Substantif Age Premium – a Nourishing and Invigorating Shampoo with anti-oxidants

From the manufacturer: anti-aging shampoo/bath for mature hair.  This shampoo effectively fights the first signs of age-related changes in mature hair. It protects and moisturizes the hair as well as the scalp.  It restores hair cuticles by nourishes and enriches them with necessary vitamins and minerals.
My opinion:  This shampoo has a medium consistency, and smells like male perfume.  However, the smell isn’t too strong and I actually found it very pleasant. In general, all Kerastase shampoos are very concentrated, which is why it is very economical to use.  You will need about a pea size drop of the shampoo to wash your entire head. It cleanses hair well, but because this is a nourishing shampoo, your hair gets dirty pretty fast.  It would be a great hair care while you are travelling, you would not need to apply conditioner and/or mask after it since your hair will be nourished and moisturized enough. Personally myself, I prefer to use a mask after I shampoo my hair, so for me this shampoo would be a little bit too nourishing. The one thing I can assure you is that the quality of this shampoo is absolutely worth its cost because the shampoo is very concentrated.  One bottle of this product (250 ml) will probably last for 3-5 month, of course, depending on your hair length.

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