Sunday, December 11, 2011

Intensive Sebum Treatment. J.F. Lazartigue

From the manufacturer: Oily hair and dandruff are indicators of the expressed misbalance of a scalp that usually entails hair loss.  The main function of this product is Sebaceous gland therapy.  This intensive treatment contains micro particles of Kapidzhena (5%), proteins and carbohydrates.  Working at several levels, it deeply cleans and disinfects the scalp, regulates sebum and strengthens hair roots. This is an excellent treatment to prevent the formation of dandruff. Result: The use of this product adjusts the sebaceous glands and reduces sebum. It restores the lipid balance of the scalp, prevents hair loss and promotes growth of new healthy hair.
My opinion: Good stuff. I’ve been using J.F. Lazartigue hair care products for over 2 years now, 7 month of which I devoted to this product specifically. As of today my scalp is no longer oily, which in turns keeps my hair clean and healthy. I’ve  been using it on a daily basis, I don’t know if my oily scalp condition will return once I stop the treatment, Although a sales representative from J.F. Lazartigue assured me that  it would not.

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