Sunday, December 11, 2011

L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair

From the manufacturer: Absolute Repair Shampoo helps you to restore damaged hair, by nourishing, moisturizing and protecting hair against harmful environmental influences.  It’s based on a patented technology Neofibrine ™ (Neofibrin). The secret of this shampoo is in the Ceramids (being one of the major ingredients) that strengthen your hair and prevent moisture loss. Due to the unique combination of shampoo ingredients, it restores damaged hair and gives hair an intensive nutrition and hydration.  Your hair is full of vitality, without brittleness and loss.  Absolute Repair protects hair fiber from the aggressive environmental influences.
My opinion:  I definitely like this shampoo, which perfectly suits my hair type (colored/damaged). With every use, I am getting deep restoration and nourishment.  In addition, a light pleasant smell remains in my hair for a while after use.


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