Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kerastase Nutritive - Oleo-Fusion

From the manufacturer: As a result of the newest scientific researches of laboratory L’Oreal the unique Oleo-Fusion hair product has been created on the basis of natural oils to strength and protect dry and damaged hair.  Jojoba and avocado oils soften the hair and scalp and give them the necessary strength. Moisturizing ingredients penetrate deeply into the hair and eliminate it from drying out.  The active nutrients affect the cortex, cuticle and hair surface for its restoration and strengthening.  Ionium restores damaged hair structure, helping to accelerate the metabolic processes in cells.  This active element protects hair from damaging environmental factors, especially harmful in urban conditions. Hair becomes more dense, strong and shiny. The process of combing and styling becomes much easier. Hair looks clean, shiny and stunningly beautiful for a long time.  As a result, you will have restored and strong hair, with significant reduction of hair loss.
My opinion: I first shampooed my hair, than I apply the Oleo-Fusion and left it in for an hour or so, covered with a shower cap.  I then washed it off and applied Vita-Ciment.  In such sequence of operations - I first applied the nutrients to my hair with the help of the Oleo-Fusion, and then Vita-Cement to finalize the results.  And here you go… WOW effect.  My hair looks silky and smooth. I usually do it four times a month, once a week. This is the best thing I was able to discover so far, and just for the record, I've tried hair laminating procedures before and wasn’t impressed at all, more disappointed.

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