Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lee Stafford Overnight Sleepover Treatment Night Care

I love night hair masques. I just recently discovered their existence.  When I tried one, I realized how tremendously important it is to incorporate a night masque as part of my routine hair care regime.  If I am planning to wash my hair in the morning, then 20-30 minutes before I go to bed, I apply Lee Stafford Poker Straight Sleepover Overnight Treatment Mask, Intensive Mask for night use, with nutrition, regeneration and repair functions for damaged hair. In particular, it works great for hair that is constantly being straightened with an iron.  Restoring proteins recognize vulnerabilities in the hair structure and restore it. The mask works while you sleep.  It dries in minutes and leaves no spots on your pillow.  Keratin Amino Acids restore the optimum moisture balance of your hair.  Panthenol helps to obtain hair shine.  Restoring proteins retain smooth and strong hair structure, while refreshing and improving the overall look of your hair making it manageable .
My opinion: This was my first “Night Masque” experience ever.  And I should tell you with each application, my hair made me more and more happy. With every use, my hair became smoother, softer and more lustrous.  The consistency is fairly thick and it has a bit of a strong smell that remains in the hair until you wash it out.  Overall the results are amazing.  I can’t say this mask is very economical to use, but in general, by using it 3 times a week (long hair) this jar lasted for about two months.  Money well spent.

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