Sunday, December 11, 2011

Deep Action Treatment with Carrot Oil. J.F. Lazartigue

From the manufacturer: For dry hair. This product is for the deep treatment of overly thick fragile hair. The cream penetrates deep into the cortical layer of the hair, restoring weakened or dried hair. Carrot oil is rich in vitamins and carotene that are effective in preventing dryness of hair.
My opinion:  I’ve been using this oil for a very long time and I am completely happy with it.  Usually, before washing my hair, I would spread oil evenly on the entire length with specific attention to the ends and leave it in as long as possible (recommended time is 30 minutes).  If I didn’t need to go anywhere I would leave the oil in all day long and then wash it off.  As a reward for leaving it in my hair for that long, I would get shiny, full of life, gorgeous hair.  There is one thing I am curious about though, will this bright orange colored oil mess up blond colored hair?

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