Thursday, December 15, 2011

Women's View on the Bad Economy: Saving Money on Beauty is Prohibited! Part 2

......Let's start with the most popular cosmetic attribute - a lipstick.
"I'm not that rich to buy cheap things" - this saying best fits to choosing a lipstick. As it happens that an inexpensive lipstick either requires constant brushing up during the day, or dries your lips up so much, that wouldn’t like to use it quite often or use additional means for delicate care for skin of lips.
Obviously, it’s much more profitable choose exactly what you need! Here are a few tips to help you choosing the one.

Use universal positions, combining several functions
The lip skin is especially mobile, tender and disposed to aging, thus it most rapidly responds to the lack of care. Therefore it is necessary to give preference to high-quality moisturizing and caring cosmetic means. The combination of moisture and care along with expressive color would be just perfect.

Chanel cosmetics are the first ones to combine high durability and a full withdrawal due to their latest technology. Each item in the Chanel lips collection, devoted to lips, has a stable effect and contains components that take care of health and beauty.

Resistant Rouge COCO Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine , in contrast to conventional lipstick that lasts, does not dry up and does not contract the lips, but cares and makes your lips have a luxurious, rich color that lasts up to 8 hours without a touch-up!
One of the most practical and versatile options  is the Chanel Le Crayone Levres, Precision Lip Definer  : thanks to an amazing creamy texture you can apply it to the entire surface of the lips, as a persistent lipstick, or give a clear outline to lips, creates a perfect form.

To Be Continued....
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