Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Care For Your Body

 Remember to never apply any moisturizing creams right before you go outside, try to do it at least 30-40 minutes before.
The first factor negatively affecting your skin is hot water.  Please be sure to not abuse you’re bathing procedure, 15-20 minutes in warm water is enough, otherwise your skin will become over dried and shelled.  Make sure you always use a moisturizing shower gel and body scrub. During the winter, it is extremely important to continuously remove all of the keratosis particles, and deep purification of skin pores. For the best results choose a scrub with large peeling particles.

 At night, it is better to use body creams rich in nutritious oils, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. I’ve been using
L’Occitane 100% Pure Shea Butter for a while (It worked very well, leaving my skin well hydrated, soft and smelling pleasantly), and lately I started to use Mango Organic Body Butter of The Body Shop.  

I like this butter more than Shea butter, even though the consistency of Shea is my favorite.   It has a light mango seed aroma, in addition to better hydrating effects than Shea’s. It’s very easy to apply and spread over the entire body. I do, however, suggest that you warm it up a little before application.
Another favorite product of mine is a magic body scrub, with a magnificent long lasting smell of honey and lemon on my body.  My skin becomes very gentle, smooth and soft after each application. It is very economical in use. You just need a little bit to scrub your whole body.  In this case, I prefer to use scrub and body butter (or moisturizer) from the same product line. So each time I scrub my body with L’ooctaine Honey & Lemon Scrub, I use L’occtaine Honey & Lemon body cream, which leaves my skin silky and pleasant smelling for a long time.
I should say, I have a lot of “Body helpers” in my arsenal of beauty, so I usually stick with every brand for a week or two, than use something else. I do this for two reasons: first, I love new experiences and sensations on my body, and secondly, I spend so much money on beauty products, that I am trying to use them all before they expire.
Trust me girlfriends, these simple procedures will keep your skin beautiful and elastic through the winter, and stay ready for summer.
With Love,

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