Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beauty Recipes from All Over the World

Every woman, no matter what country she is from, has her own secrets of attractiveness, which been improved by centuries. With that in my mind, I’ve decided to dig into beauty culture of every country where at least once woman was called “Diva”. In addition, I specifically concentrated on beauty secrets, consisting of natural components from all over the world.
Let’s start our little adventure in the world of beauty my Divas.
Piece of Beauty Puzzle From England
Tea at five o’clock is a tradition that takes its beginning from ancient times. Most inhabitants of foggy Albion stick to this heritage. Do not throw away used tea bags; leave them over night in the refrigerator and in the morning lay them on your eyelids for a couple of minutes. This will help you to wake up, get rid of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
"Oatmeal, sir" - exclaimed loudly butler Barrymore, who seemed to be the incarnation of a classic English character. Indeed, for centuries, most British traditionally have porridge for breakfast. Over and above, oats are rich in vitamin B and beneficial in fiber. More than that, oats can be also used as a cosmetic instrument.
• 4 tbsps. of oatmeal;
• 2 tbsps. of cream.
Pour cream into cereal and leave to swell. Spread this mixture on the face, leave for 20 minutes. After the procedure, carefully remove the mask with a napkin and rinse face with cool water. This mask will make your skin look mat and tender.
Piece of Beauty Puzzle From Italy
For centuries Italian women owe smooth skin and shiny hair because of almond oil. If you have a desire for beautiful and shiny hair, or having a dry scalp, regularly apply a few drops of oil and gently massage into hair roots.
You can prepare a special emulsion for massaging your head if wanted:
• 4 Tbsp of almond oil;
• Juice of a half a lemon.
Mix oil with the juice, heat on a water bath. Regularly rub a warm mixture into the hair roots before washing.
Nutritional wraps with the addition of almond oil are suitable for all hair types. A good hair mask is obtained by mixing:
• 2 raw egg yolks;
• Juice of a half a lemon;
• 1 tsp of almond oil
Put the resulting mass on the scalp and leave for about half an hour; then wash your hair (without soap). Finally rinse your hair with warm water, adding a lemon juice (2 tbsps. per gallon of water) or apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp. per gallon of water).
According to the historical chronicles, Catherine de' Medici, the most famous woman of the XVI century, regularly made masks based on almond oil and renowned her silky skin. Scientists have shown that almond oil (due to the high content of vitamin E, is also called the vitamin of youth) improves the complexion. Oil can be used instead of milk as an eye makeup remover.
Piece of Beauty Puzzle From Poland
In order to follow the recipes of the Polish white-skinned ladies, you'll need milk and yeast. Mix yeast and warm milk in such proportions as to obtain a smooth weight resembling sour cream. Apply on face and décolleté. Rinse with cool water 10 minutes after, following with a warm compress. This procedure helps to get rid of blackheads and acne.
Chamomile ice is very popular in Poland and Russia as well. Add 1 tablespoon of chamomile in a cup of boiling water, let sit for 10-15 minutes, strain, and pour into molds for ice; place in a freezer. Wipe your face every morning and evening and the skin will always look as if you have visited a beauty salon.
Piece of Beauty Puzzle From Japan
Rice is the basis of Japanese cooking, thus rice diet is very popular our days. Interestingly it turns out that the power of rice is evident not only on the plate. Before cooking, soak the rice in a little amount of water for about 5 minutes and strain with a sieve. Cereal is ready to be cooked now, and the liquid part has absorbed a lot of substances that are weighty to the human skin. Using your fingertips gently massage it in your skin. Once your skin absorbs the rice water apply good nourishing cream on your face.
Piece of Beauty Puzzle From Greece
The sea, sandy beaches, olive groves have become symbols to resemble this country. Mix equal parts of washed sand, sea salt, adding olive oil so that you get a thick porridge. It is a great homemade scrub for home peeling. Now, apply this mixture to all problematic and tough skin areas: heels, elbows and knees. Then take a cool shower. Your skin will feel like silk!
Thank you for joining me in my beauty trip,

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