Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Wake Up Beautiful?

While we’re asleep, our skin cells are still active and working hard in trying to recover from all  destruction caused during the day.  Though if you  using a night cream, this process will accelerate.
Here are some night tips that will dramatically benefit your morning appearance:

1. Find some time for sleep
The main rule of all the beauties isto sleep. The earlier you go to bed, the better it is for your body. From the evening until 4am, the   maximum of melatonin is being  produced in your skin. Melatonin is an active fighter against stress and free radicals. The sooner it intrudes on the shift, the better for the skin. Sophia Loren has been living with this idea  for a long time and even in her 71 she is full of  woman's attractiveness and magnetism. The actress goes to bed each day not later than 9 p.m.

2. Solve your skin problems
If you have skin problems, spend the night doing some kind of a ritual, f.ex apply a remedy for acne on your clean skin, and then put  moisturizer all over your face.

3. Make a mask
Make a mask before a bedtime and the next morning you face skin will definitely look good. Especially good are cleansing masks, lifting masks and eye skin edema masks; due to its abilities to stimulate circulation and eliminate fluid excess from your body.

4. Relax
Take a warming bath with sea salt or seaweed extracts before going to bed. It will help to bring the accumulated daily toxins and start the process of fat reduction. By the way, after having a bath, it's just the right time to apply the anti-cellulite products. Active ingredients that are found in night creams for slimming, stimulate the production of lipase - the enzyme responsible for lipolysis.

5. Pick a night cream
In case of a skin care, a moisturizer is an excellent option . Moisture fills the cells, and strengthens them, smoothes wrinkles and improves the skin tone. But at the same time, the day time moisturizer, even a very good one,  should not be used at night. Day Cream -protects,Night cream- recovers.

Do Not:
Apply a night cream with a thick layer. The rule of  “more is better” is not suitable to  night creams. The dense texture becomes a mask, therefore your skin can’t breathe, and thermoregulation is disturbed. For comparison, imagine a greenhouse, where humidity and heat have no possible way to escape.
Massage the abdomen in a circular motion clockwise - it helps digestion, and, therefore, clears the skin.

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