Friday, November 25, 2011

I Love Chanel

Greetings to All of You.
I would like to share with you my impressions from a make-up removal from Chanel. To tell you the truth I tried a lot of different brands and types of cleansing products: gels, creams, foams, etc , depending on my skin condition. Even now, I have at least 3 or 4 on my shelf. 
The description of the manufacturer: the Clearing foaming cream + protective action against environmental contaminations. Dense cream structure MOUSSE DOUCEUR turns to foam once in contact with water. It clears your skin from pollution and harmful substances, as well as also completely removes the make-up. Ideally cleared skin again becomes elastic and velvety. Use in the morning and in the evening on your face and a neck. Avoid the area around your eyes. On a component: the basic component - tulip t tree that has been planted in cities worldwide to help clearing the air of environmental contaminations. Brilliant green leaves of a tree are covered by protective wax that allows detaining polluting substances which in a consequence were washed off by a rain on their surface. In CHANEL PRECISION the extract from tulip trees is used for removal of the pollution caused by environment and promotes integrity of natural protective barriers of a skin. It helps to prevent damages of free radicals which can lead to early aging of your skin.
My impressions:  This product of white nacreous color and with very pleasant fresh smell. I use it by applying it on my face sponge. It is very convenient, and the cream foams really well, so you will need just a pearl size drop to wash your entire face. It took me 3 month to use whole tube. Another big plus I discovered, is that it is very easy to rinse this foam off my skin. I would wash my face twice and all of the foam would disappear which is not the case for many of the other clearing products that I have tried. After application, my face feels fresh and clean.  With my dry skin, after washing my face with this foam, I didn’t have a feeling that my face is tightened. Of course, after that I apply face cream, since as I’ve mentioned before, my skin is very dry and inclined to peel. This product is a 100% very pleasant in use, which absolutely fulfills its direct duties promised by manufacturer.
Kindly Yours,
Rusinka Doll

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  1. Chanel has a lot of good products, sincerely. I appreciate all of them... at least so far there were none which I disapproved. The decorative cosmetics would be probably "A+" among all that I've tried. Cool article. Love it.