Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It’s Bath Time, Honey…or Please Do Not Disturb

I love bath days; they are my favorite …I love to love myself and have my alone time. I try to maintain my bath days twice a week. All of my family members know:  there is no mom or wife in the house for an hour… and that “Do not disturb time” offers me a little slice of paradise. 
First of all girls, you must remember, never take a bath after you have had a meal. Also, always take a cold shower after your bath. You have to find the perfect water temperature for your body; too cold or to hot will cause harm to your body and increase your stress levels. I would say that the optimal temperature would be around 100F. Of course, it is also very healthy to perform a “self-massage” with a sponge or a special glove.  Please remember, it is a must - do to apply body lotion, body milk, cream, or oils after your bath.
 Best thing to do before taking bath is to scrub your body, and remove the keratosis particles from your body.
  I love bath sessions with herbal salts, essential oils and LUSH bath products.  It makes me feel so relaxed and rested.

 I usually use a special, rigid, massage glove, since it has a cellulite preventing function. With these simple tips in mind, you will achieve elastic, soft, and clean skin for a long time.
Hydrotherapeutic procedures are irreplaceable when caring for your skin.
The basic hydrotherapeutic procedure for toning your skin – is an alternating shower. It improves blood circulation, promotes deducing of slags and clears the skin. It promotes positive functions of your mussels and vessels. The alternating shower idea is in alternating cold and hot streams of water. Stand for a few minutes under very hot stream, and then switch it to very cold. Gradually, increase the time you spend under the cold water stream.

Thank you for being with me,
Bath Lover-Rusinka

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  1. I love LUSH... can't live without it . Very interesting to read. Post more. Thanks to you, Rusinka